I'm an artist, animator, and game developer for several projects. I'm an animator for the fan series Dinosaur Planet, my original series called Vindicator, and a game developer. My current game project is Jinmenken, an Australasian themed, Okami inspired game.
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  • Don't you just hate it when anti-furries claim that ALL furries are degenerates and proceed to compare us to so called "animal lovers"? Yes, because liking Knuckles The Echidna apparently means that I want to hurt real world echidnas. It's not like any of us could be children with no drive or animal rights advocates, am I right?
    The irony here is that this was on an MLP message board... On a post about furries being unfairly banned from FA. So not only are they basically implying that they deserved it for being furries while cowardly hiding behind anonymity, but... are the characters in My Little Pony not furries themselves by definition? They're anthropomorphic animals. Particularly equines, dragons, and other types of fantasy associated creatures. Ponies on the other hand appear in reality.
    #hatespeech #discrimination #wow #justwow #ithinkilostsomebraincells
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  • Being a furry, what makes me laugh is how a hater will always claim that anthropomorphic animal characters (or sometimes just you) are unattractive, are ugly, or "not sexy" as they'd say, but when they meet someone like Rouge The Bat or Jessica Rabbit (who technically counts), all that goes right out the window.
    It's also insulting to real world animals who may look similar to them when you think about it. Dogs and cats aren't ugly, they're precious little beans.
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  • I posted this sometime yesterday. I tend to draw jinmenkens quite a lot and they don't usually get that much attention. Not like I care. Maybe people are generally turned off by them because a lot of manga and Japanese media tend to intentionally make them creepy looking. I tend to draw them more cute looking to appeal to all artists so this was quite different compared to previous artwork I've done this month, probably because I'm normally not aware that it's even pride month! lol
    Anyway, the white jinmenken is Cherin the great Pyrenees and the black and gray one is Shintaro who is a mix between a Japanese and an American Akita. I don't know though, I might change his design to actually look like a mix between the two since I found out that Japanese American Akita mixes do indeed exist, but they look nothing like him.
    #anthro #jinmenken #dog #greatpyrenees #japaneseakita #americanakita #mixbreed
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  • Got a little preview done, complete with sunshine, clear skies, and pterosaurs.
    #pterosaurs #forest #art #backgrounds #vindicator
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  • New project on the way. Might open up a casting call soon. I have it set as unlisted for the time being to prevent false claims.
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  • Just opened up a new RedBubble store since Zazzle didn't want to co-operate. This is my first design, a parody of the 1998 Godzilla poster with a character from the Sonic comics. The release date is clearly a joke because obviously, I won't be making a movie anytime soon. 馃槄
    My RedBubble page can be found on my About section by visiting the new weblink.
    #art #poster #redbubble #knuckles #knuckleszilla #kaiju #echidna
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  • Happy Sinco de Mayo everyone. Couldn't get any art done for the occasion. ^^' Oh well, maybe next year.
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  • So many comments on the recently released Sonic movie trailer promoting the mass genocide of any and all members of the furry community. I think we can all agree here that anti-furries and haters of any subculture in general are really annoying. I can't tell anyone just how many times I was called scum for being goth, but apparently I as a six year old little kid (when I came out as a furry) should have been killed. Oh joy!
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  • Possible teaser featuring a close up of Sirhan's face (or at least what I think he might look like) showing his eyes glowing with neuro-electric power. He wasn't featured in the shot from the animatic to the opening credits but he's definitely in the opening being as he's the main character.
    #vindicator #sirhan #wolf #jinmenken #kynosa #humanfaced #teaser #conceptart
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  • So I've made mention on Facebook that I'm currently working on a Discord server. I'll share a link here when it's done.
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