hi, i'm bradley. i usually play games with my friends on discord, go airsofting, and i also work on 3D animations for a secret game that me and a few others are working on. right now i am working on getting better at drawing because my drawings are just awful at the moment, and even worse, alot of amazing ideas come up inside of my head and i'm unable to express those ideas in my drawings. i'm open to making new friends on here.
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  • i don't entirely know how to use this site, i'm still learning. i wanted to upload something and here it is.

    my ex-girlfriend drew me a picture of what i look like. the second image is the drawing and on the left is what i look like. i think it looks great and i love it. this is the probably the only drawing of me that's ever going to be online until i get better at drawing and 3d modelling, i'll upload a drawing of what my ref will look like on my twitter and here, and maybe furaffinity when i make an account on it.

    what do y'all think?
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