im a furry artist that just joined this site, i love drawing people's fursonas for free and just drawing furrys in general, i hope to meet more furrys on this site soon....and maybe get popular X3 and as always stay furry!
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  • this is a MODERN SWAG LOOKIN drawn picture of The blue dog LtWolfie The blue dog and its probably the best drawing ive done in a long time, LtWolfie i didn't do this to get your attention i just wanted to because i was bored and out of ideas. so here it is, i changed my style a bit with the shading and i like it better. so comment how you like it and as always stay furry!
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  • hey guys im kinda out of ideas for drawing, if any of you could let me draw your OC or give me inspiration, that would be awsome (and as always, stay furry!)
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  • hey guys i just finished another commission for one of my good friends, (soulmate) her name is Kasey, shes shy, short, friendly and very nice. tell me what you thing and as always....Stay furry
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  • hey guys, its seemed pretty empty here on just furry for some reason (even though we have over 350 members here) well i was given another commission to draw for someone so here she is. Kate: nice, pretty, cares too much on what she looks like. so comment what you think below on how i did. and as always Stay Furry
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  • hey guys this was a song i had made when i was just a wee lad XD i was about 10 when i made thsis and when i had came up with my DJ name as DJSimoneTyrone, this was made a long time ago so it dose have some mistakes in it, and as always, stay furry
    Virus by Simon Stephens
    Listen to Virus by Simon Stephens #np on #SoundCloud
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  • Message of the month this will only happen once this message is for everyone so listen carefully and listen closely. . . *DREP* To everyone on the site i have been so proud of this site as it has been growing so well and it's not only because of that i also have been making new friends in the furry fandom ever since i joined i never felt so loved that i am making new friends to Furry4life-to Justfurry and Wayfurry i'm happy to say to those that love the website that LtWolfie The blue dog made i would like to say thank you for using this website if it can get up to 10,000 members i would really be happy in cheer in on this website to this day!

    That is message of the day!
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  • I am apart of this awesome organization anonymous, we only use our talents for justice and freedom. like and comment if you agree with this quote (especially us furrys)
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  • this is a drawing for my GF Rose, this isnt one of my best drawing (i wish it was) but as always stay furry
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  • hey everyone here is another one of my drawings for my friend. He is Nick: Gay, cool, wolf, i made this for him today. Hope you all like it. and as always Stay furry! #drawing #Furry #wolf #blue #grey
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  • now that i think about it i should start putting a signature on my drawings *facepaw*
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