• i keep making the same mistake of talking 2 my parents and hoping something will change...but it never does...its always that im wrong and i need 2 grow up and mature and not b obsessed with my technology...and my bf isnt safe and stuff we do is bad...it always ends up making me mad and nothing happens...and now my moms gonna b gone a few days on a trip...so now theres zero hope of anything happening 4 that time...
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  • well...i sneaked my pc last night...then they woke up and asked 4 it...i refused 2 tell them...so they pushed me out of my room and locked the door...i do now have a key 2 the closet...but it seems theyre keeping my phone somewhere else...what the heck...they say they love me and that this is 4 my good...theyre lying...all theyve done is break me and hurt me...i barely wanna keep going anymore...i have nothing left...nothing but my "internet friends"...i almost wanna run away...but i dont wanna leave my stuff...i cant trust them...everything they say is only 2 defend theyre side of this...idk whats right and wrong anymore...my mental age is what matters 2 them...they dont care about me and my life...they only care 2 make me into a normal adult person...im low and lazy...but since when did that take my adult rights away...?? they say the same thing...i dont act like an adult so im not an adult...i hate this...idk what 2 do...
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  • todays been nice...i might hang out with a friend later then work tomorrow then friday night im going 2 a weekly card game tournament with the same friend...i think im finally well enough 2 start doing things now uwu
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  • im feeling good today! im alone a lot of today and im wearing my skirt x33
    i also found my old ipod so i can use that 4 music and coming here more :3
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  • Ahoy hoy furs! JustFurry reached 1000 members today!! 馃コ馃帀馃帄馃
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  • Idk what 2 think anymore...my parents say I don't act like an adult so they're not gonna treat me like an adult...idk what being an adult means anymore...theyre only looking at my mental age which is much younger...and my phycologist wasn't helpful...they just said the same stuff that mom says..."get up and out and function"..."u seem 2 have lost ur spark"...they can't see or understand what they're actually doing...ive also come 2 realize that I'm way 2 submissive...i let things happen 2 me and only talk in my head...but I'm not super good at standing up 4 myself...i think part of it is bc im not confident and if idk what's gonna happen I'll b scared...or if i do know whats gonna happen i may b scared also...i knew this would happen...i couldn't have done much about it anyway...but idk what 2 do about it anymore...if I'm not around mom or haven't been lectured or bothered by anything I'm not in a depressive state usually anymore...and at least I can check in here every so often...i miss every1 here and on discord...ill figure something out and will return asap...i have no idea when that will b tho
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  • Whelp ive rezorted 2 taking my moms phone every night...i can't sleep at night anymore...probably bc I sleep all day since I have nothing else 2 do...im going 2 my psychologist in the morning then I have work...moms gonna give me my pc 4 work but will probably make me give it back after...she doesn't want "unsupervised pc time"...stupid...all this bc i talk 2 and care about people who think differently than her...my psychologist will probably agree with my mom about this...if this goes much further I may have 2 just buy a new phone when I can...scrrw all this that they're doing...they're keeping me from those I love and care about unlike any1 I can see irl...they hurt me...they broke me...they took what made me happy...and if they're taking this long 2 even think about what 2 do next I'm gonna have 2 go 2 drastic measures...idc what they say or think...ill do what I wanna do...im not gonna let them "fix" me...
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  • im gonna start working again starting tuesday and i work on tuesdays and thursdays 4-8 pm est and ill need my pc so theres a chance i can access discord while at work but i may b slow 2 communicate since ill b working...but ill see if i can chat with people on discord while at work...i still dont know when im getting my things back...but im still trying 2 take every opportunity 2 at least check in here when possible
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  • My parents took my phone and pc...all bc of my bf...and bc im a depressed bum bc of what they did...im stuck and idk what 2 do...im trying 2 return asap...im sorry if I've been seeming 2 ignore any1 trying 2 talk 2 me...i hope 2 come back soon...
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  • If I made a ych art would any1 consider purchasing it?
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