Hi there! I'm Kyro Lemon (LEm0n_Boi). Im a fluffy & fabulous lil lemon & I'm always ready to meet a new friend! You should check out my art! Im always open to requests! Also, all the art on this page is done by me unless stated otherwise! If you are looking to request art, please read the following terms of service: *all requests will take time. I'm only human, and due to the fact that I'm a busy person & I'm not getting payed for this, it is NOT my top priority. * You must have some form of reference (any art of your character that clearly shows markings) * If you are rude or pushy in any form, I have the right to deny your request * I do NOT do any NSFW under any circumstances * If I get to many requests at a time, I will kindly ask you to ask again in a week or so. Again, I'm very busy with school. * If you want a reference sheet or full body art, you have to draw something for me too (art trade) * IT IS A REQUEST, NOT A COMMISSION!!!! Because I am not making money off of this, it is NOT TOP PRIORITY!! (sorry if that seems harsh, I'm not a mean person, I promise)
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I'm going to update my description thing on my profile with a terms of service for requests, so please look on my account before requesting any art
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