• Hello just furry community! I hope everyone had a good summer.
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  • I felt like today was the day to give myself a revamp! I made a new fursona! woo! (all I really did was change the colors a little...)
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  • Ok, so I only have till May 23, until I have to be gone for the summer. I will be back around August 13! ^-^ Have a great summer everyone!
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  • oh wow... I found my very first fursona. A person called jinx the ferret made it for me. (sorry the quality isn't the best... i had to take a picture off of my friends phone. it's on my old pinterest account that i totally forgot the email and password for. I have no clue how to recover it... i also forgot the email's password, so i can't reset that either. (good gravy...))
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  • A friend of mine put glitter in my hair today. My dad might get mad at me, but I don't mind... <3
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  • oh yah. my guinea pig broke his tooth off today. (incisor tooth. he broke the one on his left i think. if anyone has ever expirienced this kinda thing, please tell me what to do...)
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  • is it just me, or does anyone else over prepare for things...
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  • a princess and a small something i did of Isabelle from animal crossing.
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  • I miss Norman so much... I want to make a new one! what should i make him with? (if you have other options, put it in the comments please <3 and if we decide a container like the glove i originally did, I'll make another pole asking about what to fill him with.)
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  • I made a new friend out of a glove a few days ago. I had to say goodbye to him, because I didn't want him to leak all over my room. Goodbye Norman! *sad*
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