• It's been a wile.... Iv'e been pretty "out of it" lately for drawing. Ever sense school last year drawing class, drawing has been put on my back burner. I want to change that before 10th grade ends (or at least the year).

    You know when artists say, "keep practicing or you will never grow as an artist"? OK, maybe no one said that.. but anyways I forgot how to draw. I went from mediocre back all the way to the bottom of the barrel. Remember when I said I took a drawing class? Well I forgot everything! The techniques, tips, tricks, all of it. I need to be re-taught all of it again, but I can't get into another art class till next year. (well it depends on what my schedule will look like, so I couldn't put that in stone.)

    If anyone has any videos or tips for me, I would be so grateful! (oooh! or warm-ups! The one thing I remember is that warm-ups are key.)
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  • Hello just furry community! I hope everyone had a good summer.
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  • I felt like today was the day to give myself a revamp! I made a new fursona! woo! (all I really did was change the colors a little...)
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  • Ok, so I only have till May 23, until I have to be gone for the summer. I will be back around August 13! ^-^ Have a great summer everyone!
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  • oh wow... I found my very first fursona. A person called jinx the ferret made it for me. (sorry the quality isn't the best... i had to take a picture off of my friends phone. it's on my old pinterest account that i totally forgot the email and password for. I have no clue how to recover it... i also forgot the email's password, so i can't reset that either. (good gravy...))
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  • A friend of mine put glitter in my hair today. My dad might get mad at me, but I don't mind... <3
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  • oh yah. my guinea pig broke his tooth off today. (incisor tooth. he broke the one on his left i think. if anyone has ever expirienced this kinda thing, please tell me what to do...)
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  • is it just me, or does anyone else over prepare for things...
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  • a princess and a small something i did of Isabelle from animal crossing.
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  • I miss Norman so much... I want to make a new one! what should i make him with? (if you have other options, put it in the comments please <3 and if we decide a container like the glove i originally did, I'll make another pole asking about what to fill him with.)
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