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  • When someone comes into a chat-room and says "I'm bored" they in fact deserve nothing!

    Wow! I'm starting off this post a little cold. But I keep seeing this repeating pattern in every furry chat room throughout every platform. That eventually you'll get that one dude that says..

    "I'm bored."

    Now..... He doesn't say it once and then find something to do. Oh no! he'll make sure to remind the room every 30 minutes on exactly how bored he is. To which the best and most appropriate response is:

    "Screw you!"

    And probably ban them! A little extreme you may ask? Possibly! But you have to take his words seriously.

    Think if a person did this in the middle of a house warming party.. What they're saying is almost insulting the host of the party. That there is not adequate levels of fun for them. That there's this sense of entitlement that somehow the party must revolve around them instead of the original intention which is celebrate BEING there for someone!

    The same holds true for a chat room. Saying "You're bored" has no answer. Out of nowhere you've insulted just about everyone in the room. That you're bored and thus everyone in the chat room is so boring that it made you bored. There's no sense in anyone lifting a finger to entertain this individual because "I'm bored" just condemned the entire room.

    We live in a marvelous era of technology and information. Where you have computers the size of credit cards which are capable of handling data that servers from the 80's would fill an entire room to accomplish. You have game services with thousands of apps at your fingertips with devs literally begging ANYONE to play their game they have listed for free just to get traction. You have the digital version of the library of Alexandria at your fingertips to do any research whatever you want. Want a fursuit? There's enough video/text/information to go start to finish. You have no idea what kind of gift it is to have that not only in front of your desk but in your pocket on a phone!

    On top of all of this. You're in a fandom where every character is limited only to the imagination of the creator that made them. Multi-dimensional theory here we come ravioli boios! This is supposed to be a fandom with boundless imagination to the levels where you don't even need a computer , You in fact don't even need technology because with a pen and paper you can invent your character, your world.

    With the barrier of entry that low. There's no excuse for "I'm bored." If you feel insulted when I say these people are lazy pieces of garbage that wait for someone to do all of the heavy lifting for them then all i have to say is "Good!" Remember the difference between depression and anger is anger has focus! harness that and better yourself. pick up a hobby, do research. Become a Zen Buddist monk that gets the dream state all wrong like Alan Watts. Whatever floats your boar man! There's so much to do in this world no one would accept "I'm bored" as a state of mind.
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  • https://www.s-config.com/linux-adb-raspberry-pi-ouya-lineage-really/ - I decided to re-write my articles on how i deal with android ADB and the Ouya so that it's a little more universal instead of being exclusive to just windows machines.
    Linux, ADB, Raspberry Pi, Ouya? Lineage? Really? - S-Config
    Linux ADB into your Ouya via the Raspberry Pi? With SSH even?!?! It's more likely then you think!With Razer finally pulling the plug on Ouya's servers on June 25 of 2019. Which June 25 2013 marks the birth date of the Ouya's initial release (not bad for a console that…
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  • Under "I'm not dead" news..

    I've been working a lot basically trying to get ready for a customer who CNC routes a lot.. As a result. Since I found a 3mm black acrylic sheet in the dumpster I figured "Yeah. This will totally work for the case of my ArduinoDECK".

    I posted about this little device a while back. but it's an arduino with super-simply circuitry that allow you to program the keys to whatever you'd like. No matrix system for ghosting. Anyhow, I got a lot of crap on my blog for just posting the circuit board as the final product. DIY projects of this nature are a lot like a Raspberry Pi. The case REALLY isn't important. However! Since people thought it was a Janky piece of garbage you can make something that was wireballed together and give it a professional finish with the right kind of case.
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  • Checking on some of my previous posts i realized that i had to include justfurry in my htaccess file so that it doesn't show hot-linking on each of my articles. My guess as to why is the CMS doesn't follow a standard convention of meta-card tagging like twitter/facebook and pull the image down but instead just image links to conserve space.

    Anyhow, it's been fixed. so my next article pictures won't be met with teletext me.Peace!
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  • A fellow streamer i knew wanted something that was open source to StreamDeck by elgato. and within about 24 hours of making it. (1 week to document it) here is the end-result. Granted! Not as pretty as an Arduino StreamDeck. But $12 vs. $150-200? yeah. I'm okay with that.. Maybe i'll spend a few extra bucks for a case and give it some aesthetic then wireball hell.:D
    ArdunioDECK – a DIY OBS streaming solution on the cheap. - S-Config
    We could say that we've developed a new open source product called an "ArduinoDECK" which is a cheaper solution to the Elgato StreamDeck. Or! Better idea!
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  • Open Shot is one hell of a ride.. Is it Adobe Premiere or Vegas Studio? No, not even close.. But it's free and multiplatform which means there's really no excuse for anyone to not do some post-production to your videos before uploading them to the net.

    https://www.openshot.org/ - if you want to check it out.

    I'll probably do a blog article about this down the road showing all of the glitches and how to overcome some of them.
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  • I'm not sure if my feelings about pride month are right. But I think pride month or at the very least pride week should be more about caring for your fellow carbon and silicon based lifeforms. That much like christmas it could be the second point of the year that you don't have to act like a **** to your fellow man/woman/or Artificial Intelligence.

    It's not that I'm ungrateful about the progress of LGBT rights. We've come a long way from the early 1900's where a community felt justified in straight up killing you. to the 1950's where they realized that murder wasn't a viable option so instead they burned down your house as a means of 'getting your likes out of town'. to the 1970's where they didn't burn your house down anymore instead you got into fist fights. to now; where you're called names.. No hospital bills, no devastating arson charges where your homeowners insurance cannot cover. No funerals. That's a hell of a lot of progress!

    I'm glossing over years and years of history. Don't think I'm minimizing these feats. These took protests. people standing up. people dying.. in order to achieve the level of equality that we have today.

    I do however worry about those within the LGBT community that think there's still a war going on.. That they're not really fighting for equality. But instead; Superiority. Where I might be the silent majority on this subject. But equality means that everyone is treated equal. Thus, if you want a better life for yourself. You must then raise the bar on making humanity itself better. Not just your sexuality, group, fandom, or otherwise.

    That is a daunting task. But not impossible. Pride month can also be a symbol of everything that is 'good' within humanity such as the arts, music, and culture. Burning man once stood for this until it was usurped by rich CEO executives that want to party in the desert doing copious levels of drugs. Burning mans initial concept was a altruistically good concept.. Don't be a jerk.. To which I think pride month should follow.

    Anyhow, That's what server said -
    +++ END OF LINE
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  • To some, it's an end of an Era. To others, it's finally burying a dead horse of a game console. To me, the Ouya was a console of lessons. It taught me how the filesystem of the android operating system worked without caring if i'll brick a crucial device like a game. The Ouya in a messed up sense did revolutionize the gaming industry by making the big three, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft back away from selling hyper-inflated and expensive SDK's in order to make games on their consoles. It lived on for years after Ouya as a company failed by being a set-top box that plays movies via the help of XBMC and Kodi which have now moved on to much higher versions of android then what the Ouya can handle.

    Ouya has one final lesson to teach us. Long after the companies death and purchase to Razer. The Ouya console has one final lesson to teach us here in 2019..

    "Never trust a cloud gaming platform"

    When the lights go out on June 25th. all of the games that people bought on this console will either switch back to free-play mode. and the Ouya will state that it can no longer login to Ouya servers to register their games.

    When a company turns the lights off on you. Be it Steam, Epic, You name it! If you don't own the physical media then you don't own the game. Thus, history is lost , developers are forgotten and at the end of the day it'll be considerably harder to keep what some would consider a retro classic running for future generations to experience.


    now just because the party is over and razer wants to bury this 'dead horse' doesn't mean you have to roll over. A long time ago I provided instructions on how to keep this little box alive with a different Android OS and downloading APKs through google play. Granted it's not the same but it at least places the power of these aging consoles back into the users hands.

    If by some miracle there's someone out there with an Ouya that reads this before June 25th. download as much as you can, run a backup tool to save the data. and keep those APK's boys and girls. the future of archival (at least as best as we can) is now in our hands.
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  • https://www.s-config.com/online-jamz/ - Trying to get back into the swing of blogging once again. This time focusing on something that groups can do and something Funky Joe even does on his channel which is the concept of the "Artist JAM" . This blog entry is dedicated to two twitch streamers that did it and some of the pictures I managed to capture and show you and the rest of the world what happens.
    Online Jamz! - S-Config
    Sometimes, to find inspiration you must taste the fruity Jamz of others! Wait.....In the old world they used to call these artist jams. where a person would draw something and others would do their thing. Although we haven't been known to play overly nice with others if someone presents an…
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  • It took way too much danmed time. But all of my self-hosted video blogs are now integrated into @foobox with a fallback to the HTML5 player for noscripters. Of course direct links always available for those who don't feel video should be played on a web-browser.

    It took such a long time because every video entry has to be manually entered in as its own gallery. Super annoying. On top of that foobox insists that all videos must play as MP4 first without even considering that most browsers can accept webm which is way faster to deliver content with.

    Anyhow. It's ironic how the minor changes on a website can talk almost a solid week to carry out. But now it's helpful to chain-link videos together if i really wanted to similar to how youtube can make a playlist.
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