I'm gasoline. Fuel. Fire. Passion. Pleasure. It's like being naked in a wheat field with puppies eating ice cream. Everything that is good yet powerful with the force of a V8 diesel engine that has no retraining bolts. The M-rotor dislodges and you have the potential of ejecting your friends and family. Relax as the Pesto Humans stare at you from their glass house eating apples of sheer delight. I am a 5' 8" Binturong reporter from the after-now. Don't die and server protect you.
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  • Depression in the online.
    There's something that keeps happening in every Discord channel that I need to say. Which is: I can't help you with your depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc. Unless someone in the chat room speaks up saying that they are trained professionally in mental health science. No one else really can either. They can offer temporary comfort. But the rain of emotion will continue. It's up to...
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  • Input reason.........Output....... Pleasure.........

    *Adjusts tie and sits up in chair*

    Please, go on!
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  • Since I've done a lot of tutorial vids on my site. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on how i make my videos. As a lot of the tools I use are open source. I was watching some of the ones already out there on YouTube and it feels like they're dragging major @ss to meet their 10 minute profit margin. SO! question is! Would people want to see more ways of putting together video and audio content for $0 of software?
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  • Buy a website.
    Though-out the various timelines of social networks i've hit throughout the years if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone into any level of creation is to do the following. Buy a website. I don't care who you purchase a website from. As long as you are paying money on a monly basis to a dude that gives you said space on a server to host your content. Why you ask? Why not...
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  • https://www.s-config.com/reddragon-gaming-gear/ - It's not often I do a hardware #keyboard #review. But for as much crap we give the hardware gaming industry in our repair blogs. It's good to actually see something going right.

    This may come off as some weird advertisement blog. However, This company didn't pay my site nothing. It's just one of those products that worked out for the price.
    RedDragon Gaming Gear. - S-Config
    It should be fitting that we get ourselves some RedDragon hardware to try out because after working on Corsair and Razer gear pretty much calling it garbage.
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  • https://www.s-config.com/corsair-void-pro-disassembly-and-repair/ - old article update. This time fixing/upgrading the microphone so it does not suck.
    Corsair Void Pro – Disassembly and Repair. - S-Config
    We recently had a friend bring to me a Corsair Void Pro headset. That during their travels through airports the headset sustained some damage that rendered it
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  • I get this feeling of sudden anger when someone comes into a chat room or website and says "This place is dead." or "I'm bored"

    Maybe it's just the fact that everyone in a particular chat room is busy. Maybe they're all having sex without you in private IM's. That seems to be the go-to answer whenever fursuitor's don't hang out with a group of people for a multitude of reasons so why not use it on people in a chat room? I'm mocking the people the people that cry about a place being dead because any place on the website that requires community interaction well.. NEEDS THE COMMUNITY TO INTERACT. So if you don't contribute. You've answered your own statement about WHY a place is dead now haven't you?

    The "I'm bored" is the most insulting concept of them all. Because what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to snap to it and entertain sire? Put on the jester suits and dance for you? No. You are living in a technological age where you have computers that 10 years ago would fill entire server rooms. You have free and accessible utilities to create and do whatever you want. Even games that are free that the only energy it takes from you is to smash the download button. You have the ability to stream video from any source into the headspace known as a monitor. This is just what you can do without ever leaving your bedroom! Before you set for into RL 1.0 . Where the polygon count is great but the bloom and gamma can be a little annoying.

    There was this guy I remembered during the early days of the internet. Apparently he was this entity that existed in Canada. Either I am crazy or I'm the only American which knows about this guy. He was called "Anti-TV man." and he wasen't going to save you from anything. His 'super power' as it were was to remind you by very forcefully that you have an entire world out there to explore. That the TV is making you a slave. He knows if he breaks the TV you will simply get another one. Direct violence is ineffective. Which is why he wants YOU to break your own TV! His message was the reflector of throwing the middle finger to mass media but also to remind humans around him to never be complacent. Never settle for what is in front if you and digitally feed out of a troff like a damned cow.

    Computers are not televisions. They can be programmed what to do and not do. They have a multitude of tools at your fingertips.

    You're not 8 years old anymore stuck in the back of Aunt Mays 1985 Chevy Celebrity wagon with nothing but a gum from the last gas station ramping up your sugar levels. You have options and you have things that you can do. "I'm bored" does not garner you sympathy. And you'll only get a "**** you and do something about it!" Take their advise! We only say such things because we want to see you a better person !

    Go do something.
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  • If any administrator feels down in the dumps about running a network. Just remember one important thing. You're doing a better job then Google.
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  • Why did I pay this site for VIP? I can tell you. But then I'll have to kill you.

    When someone in the furry community pitches an idea. I tend to look at the whole picture of things. Not just the scripting of the site. But the demeanor of those who run it. This is ridiculously important boys and girls! That this is a social network very early in beta and with just over 200 people at the time of me posting this. Congratulations everyone, you're on the ground floor of what could be the next social network furry superstructure! My financial contribution is my investment in that future.

    Could it all fold tomorrow? Sure! But you want to know what? That can happen ANYWHERE on the internet. One day your getting your e621 on!. the next. redirected to a Chinese ransomware site. The fragility of server and the user which created it is always there! Always prey to server. Make backups.

    I've made investments in many furry owned and operated sites. My blog is running off of anubianhost.com . A furry run web provider. I've donated to rival social networks which I shall not name. Even threw some seed money at conventions and got nothing in return out of the sheer spite that I sorta give a **** about the fandom. I want to see it a better place. That is what I believe is the ROI on justfurry.com. A place that isn't owned by the same 2 dudes in the fandom. And it isn't owned by a dude that has a Peloton in his 3 million dollar Manhattan apartment overlooking the ocean. At least I don't think so?

    I'm not sure if the fandom is waiting for some %1 angel investor either. If you took their money do you REALLY want to be under the thumb of someone like that? You'll pay the price one way or the other! Legitimately it does come down to members in the community to invest. Because if you don't then nothing happens. It's just that simple.

    Now where is my knife..
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  • How did i join the fandom?

    Punk rock would be the best way to put it. The era that i joined the fandom was hyper conservative and technologically underdeveloped. While there was fandoms floating about such as sci-fi, trekkies, whovians, the whole concept of furry only a handful of people participated in the ideological concept of what we see today. Most of the time it was shelved off as people who wanted to work for Disney, Hanna Barbara, or Warner Brothers which in their own rights have influenced American culture in ways they couldn't even comprehend.

    Punk rock of the 80's had this saying "Kill your idols!" People took this in the literal anarchistic sense that people are promoting to kill each other. I just let people think that. When in reality the philosophy is to help you help yourself. That you shouldn't just follow behind an entity because then you are a slave to that entity. When you say that you want to live in a Zootopian world and that's the embodiment of the fandom. I say "**** you" to that because i'm not a puppet underneath the now dead Walt Disney. And neither are you! You're better then that.

    To an ends a lot of why i joined the fandom was to leave the mainstream behind and embrace the new, the different. To find people with different ideologies. Even if some of those people had a ludicrous outlook upon how the world and an animal society works that's great too! I was tired of being spoon-fed stories of love triangles that never have resolution because of some animation team milking a story for every drop (I'm thinking of 90's disney afternoon cartoons on this one.) Watching MAC Product model strut around with perfect skin and teeth. I vomit upon that level of perfection. I want flaws.. This fandom delivered on that concept in spades. That a cartoon animal can smoke, love, do drugs, have children,die, ****, swear, and commit horrible and beautiful acts because if an animal wants to retain humanity they must also bear the responsibility of it as well.
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