Hiya, I'm Sasha Abend, your everyday Otherkin Seadragon! I love drawing, chatting around and watching movies. Please don't give me any brownie brittle, I'm a brownie brittle hoarder!!! Also I might do commissions, I don't know yet. depression is a heavy bitch. I might start drawing, again, depends on how my claw feels, stay tuned Also I like writing and shooting short films and pictures (Keep a look out!) *Feels like a nerd for using old boomer language* Did I ever say I like brownie brittle?
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  • Also everyone never mix Coke with Weed. Trust me.
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  • Hey everyone, sorry for being off so long, a month ago I overdoesed on a few things during one of my panic attacks. That said I was in and out of the hospital. I don't know if I'm going to come back to Just Furry, my time is short I'm trying to restart my life here, I'll be happy to talk if anyone needs it, but whatever the case I love and miss you all, and see you all until our tails meet again.
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  • Taken care of.

    Nothing like a smoke out to give you the jump on humans.

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  • Not feeling good guys sorry. Had to settle a score with the help of someone with those humans.

    Might not be on for awhile sorry.
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  • My dragon friend got attacked on his way to my house last night smh.
    I hate humans sometimes, I truly do.
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  • JF Link Concept Art
    (Done over weekend without reference to the site, apologies)

    Anyhow I've described everything in your DM so its all you now.

    (I may have some double takes in there, sorry)
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  • This is fun, my friend, who I'm not going to name, turns out to be a former Military Contractor, AKA a mercenary.

    I love Contractors, they *only* killed my mate, that's all. I'm not disturbed at all! Funny thing is he justifies himself because he didn't do it on the homeland soil, but somewhere else, so killing other people on their own soil is better?

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  • Fun fact, my best relationship was with someone who was 20+ years older then me.

    The more you know *Raises glass*
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  • I admit, I console people, I help them, talk with them, etc...

    But I can't help people when they don't tell me what's wrong, I can't magically "help you" when all I know is your upset, work with me people for the love of jesus on high.
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