• Hey y'all.

    There's a musical artist that I absolutely ADORE that I think is important to hear.
    He plays under the name Sleeping at Last. His music is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. If you have time, I'll link some songs. I recommend headphones, dim lighting and an open window.


    Saturn- https://youtu.be/dzNvk80XY9s
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  • For some reason I just made a new Wizard 101 account lol. I cant believe it's been almost a decade since I've played. The nostalgia hits hard.
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  • I forgot to mention in my latest post (because it won't let me edit) that I will show the 'first draft' of the piece before baking, so you can choose any edits to be made
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  • Hello my furry friends,
    As you may or may not know I am a fairly new sculpey creator (that's a statue made of clay). I've recently been creatively drained of ideas for what to make, so I've decided to do a free giveaway. I will create your fursona or character, in anthro or feral form if you win. To enter, please comment your comment number on this post (i.e. if you are the second comment, post 2). I will give 48 hours for as many applicants as possible, and randomly select from there.

    Have a great day,
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  • Reminder I'm still open for clay commissions. Also, I need something new to make. Anyone have any cool fantasy creature in mind? (besides a dragon of course)
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  • Just I reminder that I'm still open for sculpey comissions. only $5
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  • Does anyone here do RP? I'm looking for a D&D esque adventure.
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  • Should I start a disabled furries group on here?
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  • Custom Fursona Clay comissions
    Polymer Clay Custom Characters. If you are interested please visit my etsy, (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MasterfulDragons?ref=shop_sugg) Dm me on here, or email me at shibanthebard@gmail.com

    A clay figure based upon your preference and design. Can be any animal and most colors. Details will be discussed in order.


    Feral Figurines (on four legs) will have a base price of $5 (Subject to change depending on size and amount of detail needed). They will stand at about 1'' high.

    Anthro Figurines (on two legs) start and $7 and are also subject to change. These will normally stand at about 3'' but price for smaller or larger ones can be negotiated.


    ~ Have your character wrap around the back of your ear (no piercing needed.) These will be $5 at base price.

    -With die-
    Have your character wrapped around and holding a 20 sided die (These can be non- necklace figures as well). They will be about the size of the die.

    - Without die-
    Custom Character on a necklace chain. You will need to specify the pose. Expect them to be about the size of a large die.

    $5,00 (USD)
    In stock
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