• Snow. Is. Everywhere! I have over a foot of it. xD
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  • On top of all the bad luck i have been having lately, I also managed to make a great friend of mine mad at me to the point where they don't want to talk anymore. How unlucky can i be?
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  • I'm not going to be active on Saturday, due to several different personal reasons that i don't want to talk about.
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  • Don't forget to join are discord server so you can get information faster and chat with everyone on here faster, see you there!
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  • Funky Joe is livestreaming on twitch!
    Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.
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  • Just so everyone knows, I'm fine if you draw my pfp. No need to ask about it. Just don't claim it as yours, that's all.
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  • I have decided to take an extra day on the drawing to fix it up and complete it to my liking, sorry for talking so long LtWolfie The blue dog and everyone else, I'm just nervous about reveling it, that's all.
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  • Please support our friend in a time of need
    I had a bad day today. in my civics class, I just found out one of the people hate furries. He expressed it greatly too. He said everyone in the furry fandom is a sex addicted, animal costume rape party. (he didn't say that exact sentence, but it was pretty close...) I'm usually a calm person when it comes to this kind of bullying, but I don't know what went wrong! I almost broke down in class!!! what I did was ask the teacher if I could leave the room to go to the bathroom. good thing it was the end of the day. I'm still in a sad mood, so when I get home, im going to listen to sad music and lay on the floor.
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  • Now that I think about it, i never talked about Sirus, my fursona yet!
    but I can't show any pictures of him because what I had of him got burnt when my sketch book got burnt. I can still remember what he looked like though! He was a Lynx with white outlines around the gray face that had bright blue glowing eyes along with a bright blue nose. his ears were white on the inside and gray on the outside and i never really got to the body, but i wanted him to have something like a big paw mark on the back, that was white or blue and i know that he had blackish dots all over his body. That was back when i could draw, now i really can't draw that well anymore. Wow that was deep xD sorry about that.
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  • Also, ltwolfie furry, be expecting a little surprise from me in about two days :3
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