Hi welcome let me introduce myself: Name: Thundefair Melody Gender: Male Age: 19 B.O.D: 17/10/1999 country: Scotland located in the UK relationship status: in relationship looking for Polly relationship ( Myself and my boyfriend are actually open to the idea of adding people to the relationship) sexuality: pansexual. sexually gay, Polyamorous occupation: Full-time student. Artist and Animator favorite color: Orange I am a shy and timid but an openly friendly furry, feel free to chat with me, always up to making new friends, I like anime, pokemon, art, games, and music, I am always looking to make friends, so feel free to chat to me, i won't bit I am just a friendly little furry My main fursona is named Thundefair Melody Thundefair 's species is a hybrid closed species called Phanteasts (fantasy beasts) that i am developing, he is a mix between a rabbit, cat and fox, (out of the phantest world Thundefair is just refered as a bunny hybrid or a Cabbit seeing as he mostly bunny and cat with a little fox in him) his outer fur is orange , his under fur is yellow , he has back markings all over his body including thunderbolts on each cheek. Thunderfair has a friendly and easy going personality loves hugs, icecream and making friends, giving them love and do anything for them My second sona is a otter named Danny Aries , he is an otter with shy blue body fur , purple fur marks triangle on his thighs and a heart with a cross on his upper art, purple eyes, light blue strips on cheeks, cyan claws and tip of tail he wears a pink scarf I am a lover of pokemon (especial Pichu, PIKACHU, RAICHU, Evee, and all the Eveelutions, Buizel, Dewott, Quilava, Scorbunny, etc), animals and anthros I have discord and Telegram discord: Thundefair#0205 telegram : https://t.me/Thundefair if ya like my art please support me by buying me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/R6R55PZM ko-fi ko-fi or become a patreon patreon patreon https://www.patreon.com/thundefair all my art sites are link to this profile If you wish to commission me feel free to note me or message me on my discord or telegram for the information i tend to use PayPal paypal paypal for my commission payments if ya don't have PayPal then you can pay through ko-fi social media's you can find me: tumblr: https://vocaloidninja1999.tumblr.com/ twitter: https://twitter.com/vocaloidninja17 twitterfurs twitterfurs send me a crush if ya like >//< thisCRUSH: http://www.thiscrush.com/~thundefair In Conclusion, if you are interested in friends or more don't be shy to message me, as I said I am very kind and open-minded so feel free to ask me anything i am an open book ;3
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I am an independent animator and artist hoping to make a career on YouTube! If you're into these kind of things I could greatly appreciate if you would check out my channel and subscribed if you want to see more of my art!!