im Ashley im a furry girl ( a foxy ) and i am NOT A HUMAN! im 100% a foxy im a fox stuck in a human body. i look and act like a foxy and yes i yap and bark purr and sleep in a fox den. i wear my ears and tail everywhere i go,every night before going to bed i pray and beg to God to please turn me into a real red fox as i never wanted to be a human. being a red fox is my dream, i hope some day to wake up with fur and paws and a real tail if you think im weird thats fine..but understand its my life style im a furry and i want and believe that i am a animal and not a life style is not for everyone i understand that but dont be shy to talk to me i do not bite (: I use to own my very own pet fox her name was REDTAIL she was a 6 month old red fox kit.. sadly she passed away by the hands of some hunters and there dogs.. but shes always with me and some day i hope to own my very own fox breeding business and call it "RedTail's foxes"
I'm an artist who is making my way onto YouTube to try to create some entertaining and even humorous content that I hope lots of people will enjoy! I also have a patreon if you're interested in financially supporting me and helping me with future videos!