Hello everyfur! So you Played Undertale right? Well if not then get ready! Becase Detarune and Undertale are coming to the Blaze Mari Series! (also the two games both have furries X3)

Undertale- Join me as i explore the underground of Undertale! Making new friends and new foes along the way but it feels like a game but when it comes to taking lifes for fun someone will come to the halls and clame your Judgement. . .  but i'm not like those killers like Chara i'm Like Frisk and like to Spare every monster so don't be shy to join in!

Deltarune- After saving the mosnters of the underground i live the life as a young child teen that have been raised by Toriel. sadly fall to another world of the light and dark with Sussie and a young child that almost look like Asriel Named Ralsei Joins us as we befriend and act new foes join us as we fight the Light with the dark.

So there you have it once i get a capture card the adventure of Deltarune and undertale will Begin see you then!