Though-out the various timelines of social networks i've hit throughout the years if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone into any level of creation is to do the following.

Buy a website.

I don't care who you purchase a website from. As long as you are paying money on a monly basis to a dude that gives you said space on a server to host your content. Why you ask? Why not just take your content over to weebly, or even

Because you deserve better!

Free websites aren't really free.. Someone pays for them. When that special someone is an advertiser. Guess what? You're no longer the customer. You are the product being sold.

This is why it's a losing battle to deal with YouTube and their content moderation . Effectivly alienating the very base that they wish to attract. Except for Hollywood which is paying them to behave this way. Money funded by advertisers governed by a glitchy AI and a handful of psychodic social justice warriors volunteers which take channels out of existence sighting offensive content. You may not like it. But ultimatly, YouTube has every right to kick you off of their servers. The 'free' internet is not a democracy.

We're not just focusing on content creators with this little article either. This goes for everyone who is starting a business.

Full stop.

Too many times i've seen on Tumblr, FA, Twitter, where people are conducting their business strictly from a social network. Now as much we we like places like JustFurry. A social network is simply not designed to be a place of business. It's design is to network with others and let them know you exist and to let people know what you are doing. Which is a great start to getting people to your website where people can find out more information such as other products you've made, pricing and terms of service. All of the important things that otherwise would be lost in a javascript 'cut-line' like this very article.

Even as a blogger, someone who really doesn't make money should probably have their own website as well. Because a blogger wants to deliver content to their reader core in the best way possible. And the best way is not a free website that shovels ads down their throats. Nor is it really a website where your article gets lost with millions of others like on medium. Once again, you deserve better. If it means spending a few dollars a month on that verison of better then so be it.

In a totally shameless plug I talk more about being a blogger here:

Because it's what you do when you host a blog now.

The end take-away is this. Social networks are like butterflies. They fly around and everyone sees them. But from the perspective of business and branding in general. You need an anchor, a fortress to call home. A place where people can go to find out if someone got banned from social network or from video publishing sites like youtube. A website is that anchor or fortress to call your home. Treat it well and keep it up to date and it will reward you time and time again.

It's time to de-centralize yourself while regaining control over your business, your content, and you.

Anyhow, that's all server has to say to me.