Hello everyone on JustFurry.

Today we're going to come at you with a very special article. It's kind of a self-help related article because we have a lot of furs here which stream, publish, or draw and the question always comes up. 

"How do I promote myself?"

You see, THIS is something they should be teaching in high schools in America. Capitalist Psi-Ops 101. But since they don't teach things like this because perhaps it's a black art or because you'd run the risk of hurting someone by telling them that your a product and not a human being at this standpoint. I suppose I could understand why they shy away from this subject. 

However, since the question is asked over and over again I shall give you some knowledge which has worked for me. You see, I'm a blogger which as of October 20th, 2019 marked the 8th anniversary of my site. I went into blogging with a very anti-capitalistic stance. I sell nothing and I set my goals incredibly low. My goal is to get 5 readers to read my blog per month. I'm pretty sure I meet and/or exceed that goal each and every month in comments alone.  (That's verifiable readers. If you want to count the bots then I tend to receive about 50 to 100 per day!)

The first thing requires very little effort. But a little foresight on your behalf. Which is the following?

Your name is your brand, your product and it will represent you within every dimension of the internet. 

There are so many people that don't do this and wonder why people aren't following them on Twitter or Instagram but are on their Twitch, YouTube, PornHub, D-Live, Mixer streams. Your Twitch screen name is "Fluffybawlz69" but your YouTube name is "SlamSausage_1337 "and your Twitter is "I_Punch_Babies_2".  Looking at this from an outsider's point of view these accounts look like completely separate people! Even if you put into your profile description that you are the streamer "Fluffybawls69" how would one know it's really you or just some imposter that wants to have a good-ole-troll time on the interwebz?


Sometimes, you're going to accidentally pick a name of something that already exists. Such as myself. I originally choose the name "S-Config" because I was an early 90's gamer and my favorite game was quake2 with a sconfigurator mod running. It's a kind of mod where you can stack your armor/weapons and if both parties were good you can be hitting each other with BFG's and not die! Just crap your pants that the screen turned white and somehow you walked away from that. 

Apparently, there's a program that Microsoft made for windows servers called "sconfig.exe" lucky for me. It's a minor program and I'm a living organism capable of generating dynamic content at will. Within a matter of months, it was easy for Google to determine this and place my website at the top of their searches and push Microsoft off to the side. Your challenges may vary.

So, now that we got that down. Suppose we could go into a bonus round on how to market yourself. Now that you've established your base the second most important thing you can do to better yourself is:

Have the consistency of a rock! You do not move! You are always going to be doing what you do!

I've seen a lot of people do one event and they instantly throw their hands up saying that no one is showing up. Not understanding that it can take months or even years of silence before any notable progress happens. My blog took almost a year to start to catch onto the internet to the point where people were searching for some of my articles. If you want to be known for something and you are having fun doing that special something. You do it without anyone cheering you on consistently. There's two types of popularity out there in the world, the first one where you're catering to your audience is not only stressful but because of the nature of the internet is highly self-destructive. Where-as the popularity that comes just from people stopping by has a very different and humbling feeling. The media puts people on a microscope that missing one event or not posting something means the death of your business. Unless you're running a patreon where you've promised people ETAs on certain projects to hell with everyone but yourself.

It's okay that what you do could even change over time. That's called "New Content." It's not something to be afraid of. Just keep doing what you love and the world will sense that love.

Until next time, may server protect you.

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