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  • a new art piece, meet moonlight my oc
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  • Helloooo fellow fluff buckets! I'm but a young artest, searching for wonderful ideas for new masterpieces! (...maybe not masterpieces) Anyways, I'm here to tell ya that I'll be willing to draw any character, no matter how difficult the design or species! Also, did I mention it's 100% free? This is just some practice in case I decide to open for commissions. Also, I'm new to this app so... Idk how the contacting works. I think you can just send a ref sheet to me in some form of chat.... Until then, have a wonderful happy day!
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  • Give a warm welcome to my new character, Falkor the winged tiger! Drawn by me
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  • Hello my fuzzy friends! I've got a sad tale to tell... I've been having some scary panic attacks, anxiety issues, and quite a bit of depression in the last week or so. But, I think I know what's causing it, so people with these symptoms, (that's not due to medical stuff), listen up!!

    If you've been having these terrible feelings, I recommend trying to eat less sugar! It's proven that eating to much sugar effects your beautiful body in some not-so-beautiful ways!! It can cause insomnia, depression, anxiety, and in worse cases, diabetes. So when you find your wonderful self saying "one more cookie won't hurt..." Reach for some veggies!!
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  • Hi there! Me & a group of friends have been playing classic dnd every Sunday for abt 1.5 years now. This is my character, Tickle MaNuts (Ti kal) (sorry abt the nips Idk how to edit)
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  • FREE art requests!! I'll draw any character from any fandom for free!! Please don't ask me for nsfw I'm pretty young. Just like this post & send me your ref sheet/ idea!
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