• Wip furaffinity ych commission #ych #furaffinity #wip
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  • Biology is fun
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  • Gotta love paw patrol 馃挄
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  • First time makin' fursuit paws. What do ya guys think?
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  • Listen up, little ones. For I shall tell ye the story of how I earned my title....
    It was about 2 and a half years ago, and I had been in the fandom for around 4-5 months. I was new to drawing, and only had one character named Vic. She was a very cringy character,, as you would expect from a young fur, and I wasn't very attached to her any more. So, I began the quest to find my new fursona. As I was doodling one day, I had drawn a blue & grey wolf whom I called "Kyro Blue". I immediately felt attached to him, but realized thst there was very many blue & grey wolves in the fandom. So i decided to spice him up! Well... Sour him up more so. My favorite fruit was lemons, and I thought blue & yellow looked good together, so I added yellow to him & changed his name to Kyro Lemon. He has since obtained the nickname Lemon Boi from my friends. He has now been my fursona for almost 3 years. I'll post his hilarious back story some other time, so look out for that too! uwu
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  • A recent drawing I've done! #catgirl #anthro
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  • listen here this is the story of how my name came to be a long time ago i was trying to decided on a name for my fursona then i remembered a charter from a book that i loved the book was called legends of beyond the book was a continuous of the book series called legends of ga'hoole there was a motion picture about the series in the legends of beyond books was a wolf in the book called falon his name means river wolf because he was born deformed at birth so he was abandoned in a river to die and a mom bear who lost her cubs found him and raised him i added the (sfur) to make it sound fancy like the name of a night
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