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  • Edit: it will take place after X-mas
    Im gonna do character adopts as a Christmas gift to u guys! I already have some characters sketched out, but if u guys have any cool ideas, tell me! Idk how I'm going to decide who gets wich character, but if 2 people want the same character, you guys have to decide who gets it. Whoever does not get that character can ask me to make them one or choose a different one. These characters can only be used by the people I give them to. I'll post some of the sketches later
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  • Here are some ideas for the character adopts馃挄
    *Mián Yáng (cotton lamb)
    A shy, fluffy lamb with a nature theme
    *Tobais Evergreen
    A strong, handsome wolf/German shepherd mix who's a lumber jack
    *Chester the otter
    A sweet little otter who loves to sleep in the seaweed
    *AquaFina Roo
    A fun but jumpy kangaroo who loves cuddles on Sandy beaches. She carries around a stuffed kitty that she hugs when she's nervous
    The rest of the characters aren't fully developed yet
    *a skull dog with flames & stuff
    *a fox with rabies
    *a kitsune mask furry
    *a chubby rhinoceros/walrus e-girl
    *some sort of space goat
    *a black poodle

    I might keep Mián Yáng for myself x3..... I'll post the pics in a sec....
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  • I just wanted to say thank you to some very nice people I've met on this site. First off, thank Wolfie & all the moderators and designers and to everyone who made this wonderful place possible. Thank Eli Dreemur, Falonsfur, and Cobalt for becoming what I consider friends if mine, it really means alot that you guys help me out when I need you. Thank everyone who's accepted my friend requests & followed me, it means a lot to me. And last off, thank the whole furry community for being a wonderful accepting place. It saved me life.

    Anyways, love y'all馃挄馃挄馃挄
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  • I'm always down to try out a new furry social platform!
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  • Might as well slap some of my artwork on here.
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