I was bored and I saw the severe lack of groups here so I decided to make a group for artwork and stuff so I can post my work and people can post theirs! PS: I have no clue what I'm doing, I've never made a group before and I have a busy school schedule so bare with me. RULES: 1. Don't be rude to people, try and be as supportive as possible. 2. Please don't post anything NSFW. Any NSFW art will be removed. 3. Don't spam stuff in the comments. (No one likes that) 4. Don't be a perv. 5. Don't steal or trace other peoples artwork or you will be in trouble. 6. You can post comics and artwork from other people, but make sure you CREDIT THE ARTIST!i!i! 7. Don't threaten people, If you have a problem with someone, talk to me. 8. Be kind to your fellow furs.
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