Hello everyone! As a person with a chronic stutter, I would like to unite all furs with mental and/ or physical disabilities under one roof.
  • Hello fuzzy folks! I have a kinda rare inflammation disorder called P.H.A.P.A.
    Every month since I was a baby, I get symptoms that can only be described as a common cold on steroids xD. E v e r y t h i n g hurts when it happens each month. Even my teeth ache & feel cold. It's basically my immune system thinking there's a virus in my body when there isn't one, and it attacks itself. The symptoms are migraines, joint pain, fevers, throat ache, & feelin super duper weak. Sadly, there is currently no cure. Getting ur tonsils removed can help, and it did for a few years. But alas, it came back. It sucks, but I try to stay positive. There's no point in bein all mad about somethin u can't control, u just gotta learn how to live with it & make every moment a happy one.

    And to everyone out there who's in pain, remember that you're not the only one and that you've got people here to help. That's what this fandom's all about. We're one big fluffy family & we're here for ya!
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  • i have an ever-so slight amount of aspurgers...but that ever-so slight amount is just enough 2 interfere with some aspects of life...such as understanding basic life things or really anything that i cant understand...and if i dont see a problem with something that is bad or is gonna get bad...i cant b bothered 2 do anything about it...i dont completely understand my own brain but my parents and i r seeking help 2 understand how my brain works and what 2 do 2 accommodate! i am a functionable who just needs a help!
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  • So happy to have my dog as my rock. He doesn't care how I speak, as long as it has to do with bacon or belly rubs
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  • Hello! If you read the description, you'll know I'm a person who stutters. I'm opening the floor to any questions you may have been afraid to ask
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