Hello everyone! As a person with a chronic stutter, I would like to unite all furs with mental and/ or physical disabilities under one roof.
  • i have an ever-so slight amount of aspurgers...but that ever-so slight amount is just enough 2 interfere with some aspects of life...such as understanding basic life things or really anything that i cant understand...and if i dont see a problem with something that is bad or is gonna get bad...i cant b bothered 2 do anything about it...i dont completely understand my own brain but my parents and i r seeking help 2 understand how my brain works and what 2 do 2 accommodate! i am a functionable who just needs a help!
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  • So happy to have my dog as my rock. He doesn't care how I speak, as long as it has to do with bacon or belly rubs
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  • Hello! If you read the description, you'll know I'm a person who stutters. I'm opening the floor to any questions you may have been afraid to ask
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