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Custom Fursona Clay comissions
Polymer Clay Custom Characters. If you are interested please visit my etsy, (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MasterfulDragons?ref=shop_sugg) Dm me on here, or email me at shibanthebard@gmail.com

A clay figure based upon your preference and design. Can be any animal and most colors. Details will be discussed in order.


Feral Figurines (on four legs) will have a base price of $5 (Subject to change depending on size and amount of detail needed). They will stand at about 1'' high.

Anthro Figurines (on two legs) start and $7 and are also subject to change. These will normally stand at about 3'' but price for smaller or larger ones can be negotiated.


~ Have your character wrap around the back of your ear (no piercing needed.) These will be $5 at base price.

-With die-
Have your character wrapped around and holding a 20 sided die (These can be non- necklace figures as well). They will be about the size of the die.

- Without die-
Custom Character on a necklace chain. You will need to specify the pose. Expect them to be about the size of a large die.