I've enjoyed making polls and you have enjoyed answering them. Let's make it a contest! Every week two people win free pixel art from me. The participant with the most points and at random a participant who has liked someone else's comment during the week. Answering a poll, commenting to explain your answer, and every like on that comment is worth a point. The points will be tallied on the Sunday of the week as soon as I get to it and the winners of the week will be announced. I will contact the winners to get details of the art they wish and aim to make the pictures within a week. I will only do SFW pictures and a single character with a somewhat simple background just to keep the pictures quick to do.
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I am an independent animator and artist hoping to make a career on YouTube! If you're into these kind of things I could greatly appreciate if you would check out my channel and subscribed if you want to see more of my art!!