Here are some ideas for the character adopts馃挄
*Mián Yáng (cotton lamb)
A shy, fluffy lamb with a nature theme
*Tobais Evergreen
A strong, handsome wolf/German shepherd mix who's a lumber jack
*Chester the otter
A sweet little otter who loves to sleep in the seaweed
*AquaFina Roo
A fun but jumpy kangaroo who loves cuddles on Sandy beaches. She carries around a stuffed kitty that she hugs when she's nervous
The rest of the characters aren't fully developed yet
*a skull dog with flames & stuff
*a fox with rabies
*a kitsune mask furry
*a chubby rhinoceros/walrus e-girl
*some sort of space goat
*a black poodle

I might keep Mián Yáng for myself x3..... I'll post the pics in a sec....
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