YCH - Cuddling in a field
thank you so much for everyone's interest in this ych, it has been a blast to focus working on backgrounds more, and i want to keep working on it!

any genders, species and anatomies are welcome! human included!

there will be unlimited slots available, and you can claim them immediately in the comments for $35

all i need is your character(s)’ visual references or written descriptions. the turnaround time for these is at most one week, but i will give you a more accurate estimate at the time of purchase

with these you will get:
- a fully shaded digital illustration in the background/situation shown in the template
- an icon cropped from the illustration
- the option of a physical print of your illustration
- additional features (nsfw or combination of outfits) with extra charge

- fixed price - $35 (sfw) , $50 (for additional nsfw picture)
- each additional feature - $5

you can find examples of completed pieces here: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery...../Complete-YCHs

before you claim a slot:
- make sure you can afford it upfront
- understand that prices are in USD, payments are made through paypal
- understand that there are no refunds once the piece is finished

you can claim a slot where indicated in the comments section

i will message you privately if you claim a slot, i will ask for full payment upfront through paypal, and i will ask for visual or written references of your character.

i will give you an accurate turnaround estimate, and show you progress shots for minor corrections at every stage!

i will send you the high-res file when i am finished, and any physical prints in the mail upon receiving shipping charges

thank you so much!
$35,00 (USD)
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