I get this feeling of sudden anger when someone comes into a chat room or website and says "This place is dead." or "I'm bored"

Maybe it's just the fact that everyone in a particular chat room is busy. Maybe they're all having sex without you in private IM's. That seems to be the go-to answer whenever fursuitor's don't hang out with a group of people for a multitude of reasons so why not use it on people in a chat room? I'm mocking the people the people that cry about a place being dead because any place on the website that requires community interaction well.. NEEDS THE COMMUNITY TO INTERACT. So if you don't contribute. You've answered your own statement about WHY a place is dead now haven't you?

The "I'm bored" is the most insulting concept of them all. Because what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to snap to it and entertain sire? Put on the jester suits and dance for you? No. You are living in a technological age where you have computers that 10 years ago would fill entire server rooms. You have free and accessible utilities to create and do whatever you want. Even games that are free that the only energy it takes from you is to smash the download button. You have the ability to stream video from any source into the headspace known as a monitor. This is just what you can do without ever leaving your bedroom! Before you set for into RL 1.0 . Where the polygon count is great but the bloom and gamma can be a little annoying.

There was this guy I remembered during the early days of the internet. Apparently he was this entity that existed in Canada. Either I am crazy or I'm the only American which knows about this guy. He was called "Anti-TV man." and he wasen't going to save you from anything. His 'super power' as it were was to remind you by very forcefully that you have an entire world out there to explore. That the TV is making you a slave. He knows if he breaks the TV you will simply get another one. Direct violence is ineffective. Which is why he wants YOU to break your own TV! His message was the reflector of throwing the middle finger to mass media but also to remind humans around him to never be complacent. Never settle for what is in front if you and digitally feed out of a troff like a damned cow.

Computers are not televisions. They can be programmed what to do and not do. They have a multitude of tools at your fingertips.

You're not 8 years old anymore stuck in the back of Aunt Mays 1985 Chevy Celebrity wagon with nothing but a gum from the last gas station ramping up your sugar levels. You have options and you have things that you can do. "I'm bored" does not garner you sympathy. And you'll only get a "**** you and do something about it!" Take their advise! We only say such things because we want to see you a better person !

Go do something.
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