• Gooooooooooood Morning, Everyfur!

    This is your wonderful little rainbow squeaker here with an important reminder to stay healthy amist this pandemic.

    Just Furry continues to grow, so I'm very eager to see what the community will bring!

    Please, feel free to share your interests, talents, ideas, creations, and fursona!

    I have my own fursona that's recently being created, Nayrb Derg, the Dragon.


    He's 7 foot, 9 inches tall, but actually LOVES to be a BIG Gigantic Dragon.

    He's very shy, nervous, timid, but quite adventurous, cuddly, and affectionate.

    He's a teddy bear derg. Quite a bit different than your well known little tiny squeaker.


    And remember, Stay Pawsome, and stay JUST FURRY!
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  • Sooner or later, I'll update my profile here on I just need to make my profile pic.
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  • Good Morning Furry Crew!
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  • JustFurry hit 1300+ members 🥳
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  • Hey everyone, sorry for being off so long, a month ago I overdoesed on a few things during one of my panic attacks. That said I was in and out of the hospital. I don't know if I'm going to come back to Just Furry, my time is short I'm trying to restart my life here, I'll be happy to talk if anyone needs it, but whatever the case I love and miss you all, and see you all until our tails meet again.
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  • Furry friends!
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  • Remember to check out my personal Twitter page
    and JustFurry Twitter page
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  • This website needs OG-image update. OG-image is that pawplate picture you will see after you post link to another website or in this website including data from JustFurry. The perfect size for OG-image should be (width: 590px & height: 300px).
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  • Hey everyone guess what! I have Discord on my tablet! My name is Furry Trash on it! :3
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    * Made with pencil.
    * Digitized, Full Size.
    * Transparent Background.
    * PNG File.
    * Ideal for Sticker, Poster, Cover, Print or Character for Stories.
    * You may rename it, color it, and resell or use it for personal/comercial purposes.
    * The buyer will receive version watermarks via email.

    Payment vía PayPal or WebMoney.

    IMPORTANT: Once You buy SKETCH, I put The status of "SOLD", and only display it part of my Artworks, in my galeries.

    You Should keep The author's credits: "The Furry World" (David H. Frank).
    $5,00 (USD)
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