• Checking on some of my previous posts i realized that i had to include justfurry in my htaccess file so that it doesn't show hot-linking on each of my articles. My guess as to why is the CMS doesn't follow a standard convention of meta-card tagging like twitter/facebook and pull the image down but instead just image links to conserve space.

    Anyhow, it's been fixed. so my next article pictures won't be met with teletext me.Peace!
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  • late post of a commission for Elias Faben! #commission #art
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  • sorry i have not been online much, i got a wii u.I have spent the past few days playing super mario maker amd mario kart 8
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  • I am going to concentrate my time on making the website suitable for streamers and portfolio of artists and musicians so you can post you your own remixes and composed music. I will work next on making music and post a video if i can there so you can see it more info and more stuff righ now i just making face lift to the news I will make a link so you can see all the videos i am worked on
    cheers to everybody
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  • Uh oh subscribe to me? I do animations and art.
    PysiaDaFluff :3
    00f I'm not dead yet... Instagram : @pysia_da_fluff Profile picture by : Inkguts
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  • Don't you just hate it when anti-furries claim that ALL furries are degenerates and proceed to compare us to so called "animal lovers"? Yes, because liking Knuckles The Echidna apparently means that I want to hurt real world echidnas. It's not like any of us could be children with no drive or animal rights advocates, am I right?
    The irony here is that this was on an MLP message board... On a post about furries being unfairly banned from FA. So not only are they basically implying that they deserved it for being furries while cowardly hiding behind anonymity, but... are the characters in My Little Pony not furries themselves by definition? They're anthropomorphic animals. Particularly equines, dragons, and other types of fantasy associated creatures. Ponies on the other hand appear in reality.
    #hatespeech #discrimination #wow #justwow #ithinkilostsomebraincells
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  • (Just so you know my Oc's name is Ebony Orchid)

    Orchid held a basket as she walked through the mall, her sleek black tail thrashing out of aggravation, she was looking for items so she could maybe go on with her life and NOT starve this month. Orchids basket was filled of ramen noodles and mac-cheese. Her pale blue gaze flicked around from isle to isle. Than her eyes landed on it, on display was a beautiful pale violet, collar, a bell on the and. She felt her inner kitten squeal, she walked to it and dropped it into her cart, yes this was her's she called it. Orchids mind was blank as she paid for her things, as she stepped out of the store, she unpacked the collar and snapped it around her neck. Orchid didn't stop the squeal that escaped her mouth, her even bangs pushed behind her ears to reveal her blue eyes fully. She smiled softly, she hoped she as looked adorable as she thought she did.

    (P.s. im still working things out, i love this oc but I'm not positive if im a furry. If im not i will stop being on Justfurry and etc. All my love!~❤)
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  • Being a furry, what makes me laugh is how a hater will always claim that anthropomorphic animal characters (or sometimes just you) are unattractive, are ugly, or "not sexy" as they'd say, but when they meet someone like Rouge The Bat or Jessica Rabbit (who technically counts), all that goes right out the window.
    It's also insulting to real world animals who may look similar to them when you think about it. Dogs and cats aren't ugly, they're precious little beans.
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  • ota payment 2/2 for ressicle on deviantart! #art
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