• my parents took part of my xbox cord away so i could not play it but i found a way
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  • Let's try posting the picture again and not as story this time!

    I haven't done many pixel art pieces but they seem to be quite quick, simple, and fun to do. Headshot of this picture got to be my profile picture here! We will see when and what I will come up with next.

    Peace out! o/
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  • I'm not really a twitch streamer. But I do sometimes like smashing that stream button on OBS at irregular intervals. Some people were sad that they missed me streaming. Because I have no YouTube because of my general hatred of it. Also, because YouTube and Twitch will filter/copyright claim me playing games like GTA5 where the moment the radio kicks in the censors go nuts.

    How about I also smash that record button in OBS and give you guys the last stream on my web-site instead? It would be totally ad-free and tracking free. And for the most part censorship free. What do you guys think?

    P.S. I will be prepared for whatever the result will be. Go Democracy.
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  • My site! For online stuff I accept only art trades until I get a credit card -.-
    Artists Corner
    Artists Corner
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  • so, every now and then, i feel like being in a ranty mood. i love to talk to people over a bookoo of topics. no matter how small the sitch, i love making arguments be civil and proper. a debate or even argument is always best done without insulting the other party. you never know if you will find a proper and agreeable middle ground in an instance.
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  • this is lineart that i found and colored
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  • today art stream (i take commissions if any1s interssted) -w-
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  • I want to make mash ups for party theme but i want to name give the party mash ups what should it be?
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  • i deeply apologize for not being very active around here. i have personally been very busy over the course of time and have been hearing rumors as of late about me around here. i am not sure if i am getting targeted or something, but it has come to my attention that folks are trying to start drama and/or oust me from here. i wish nothing but best wishes and great health unto others here and the greatest of wealth. i hope everyone has a happy and spontaneous day today. good luck and have fun, everybody.
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  • I'm starting to get a feeling that maybe the popufurs might dislike me cause my autism or i might be awkward around them. . .
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