• Anyone up for a art trade?
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  • Part two, Paint job!
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  • My art stoopid
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  • I tried a new style for my art, but Idk if I like it or not. This is my tiger oc that I made a while ago and tbh I hated the name so comment cool names for him.
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  • here are the links!!

    fur affinity:
    telegram channel:
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  • and here is some personal art!!
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  • YCH - Greek and pretty
    it's been awesome working in collab with my partner, so here is our converted fixed price collab ych!

    it'll be done in collaboration with my partner evereden ! ill sketch, and theyll colour ;w;

    you can see examples of our past collabs here:

    there is also other examples for this ych in specific here:

    heres some info and rules!

    any characters, any genders, any species! wings and weird tails and weird anatomies are a-ok!

    there will be multiple slots available

    all i need is your character(s)’ visual references or written descriptions. the turnaround time for these will be one to two weeks, but i will give you a more accurate estimate at the time of purchase

    with these you will get:
    - a fully shaded digital illustration in the background shown in the template
    - an icon cropped from the illustration
    - the option of a physical print of your illustration (extra charge)

    - regular, sfw version - $30
    - extra additional nsfw version - $40
    - bundle with the other greek and pretty ych - $50
    - nsfw extra bundle of both greek and pretty ychs - $75

    before you claim a slot:
    - make sure you can afford it upfront
    - understand that prices are in USD, payments are made through paypal
    - understand that there are no refunds once the piece is finished

    you can claim slots in the comments section

    i will message you privately if you claim a slot, i will ask for full payment upfront through paypal, and i will ask for visual or written references of your character and oufit.

    i will give you an accurate turnaround estimate, and show you progress shots for minor corrections at every stage!

    i will send you the high-res file when i am finished, and any physical prints in the mail upon receiving shipping charges

    thank you so much!
    $30,00 (USD)
    In stock
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  • gonna share a few commission types and share some personal art!! all commissions are open, and u can dm me your questions and comments any time ;w;
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  • Ok so after looking at the request art from LEm0n_Boi i deiced
    that everyone from art should be the new Colorful star shooters!
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  • Gotta say this is pretty...

    Disappointing My art stink!
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