• Well, you know how I was back? Well, that’s no more. No matter what I say in this post it with cause drama. But I’m just posting a final last hurrah message. I poured nearly a year into this site. I was the 32nd member. I became apart of a team and built a foundation for this site to expand upon. And I loved it. I loved everything about it. But eventually. Something got under my fur and that set me off. It was Eli. Eli was cutting people out of his life an it was putting stress onto me because those people would now flock to me. Then Wolfie, he wasn’t as bad. Just smaller now good problems that probably only annoyed me was my problem with him. Then. One member got banned for attacking Wolfie and Eli and another member kicked because of voicing his views on PDA and how Wolfie and Eli was being obnoxious with it. I got to understand what actually caused these problems to happen. Both were upset with how they thought Eli and Wolfie were ruining the server and site with their relationship and how they thought they were driving off people, and as I read more and more into it, I thought they were insane. I really did. But then it hit me like a freight train and I realized it all along with what was happening and took a more, defensive stance? I guess? I don’t know how to really describe it. But my views on the two changed. After countless times of seeing my friends come to me hurt because of something Eli did, it said to them, I had enough and if something else was to happen, it would set me off. It happened. Shadow. Another moderator on this very site went to Wolfie about a banning on a member. Talking about how said member shouldn’t have been banned because discord server rules don’t apply to DM’s. And from what I gathered. Wolfie lost it on him and Eli has no clue what happened and so he asked in the JF discord server for all the mods. And an argument broke out. Wolfie left the server out of the incident, And Sammy shortly followed suite. Everything I had been waiting for had come to fruition and I finally had the chance to voice my opinions on Eli and Wolfie. And then I took it too far. Too too far and I started just insulting Wolfie and Eli’s relationship instead of talking about my views on it. It didn’t help Eli at this point was egging me on to get a reaction. We both made mistakes and both parties or sides have to admit it. I made my mistakes and I’m now admitting to it. Shortly after Eli and I got into this heated conversation, I got a message from Wolfie on discord about it all. I think he was trying to either calm me down, or tell me what I was doing was wrong or whatever. But I again, lost it on him out of rage of him not seeing his wrongs or faults either. I’d I cursed him out and blocked him. Very immature on my part, obviously. But both parties are at fault. Both. You can’t just pin the blame on one side or party. Both were at fault and Wolfie and Eli plus Sammy (maybe) can agree with that. All I can say is that I’ve payed the repercussions of my actions and I’m no longer a moderator or anything on the site. Everything I did for the site, for this community. Wasted. On a relationship. One damn relationship caused this all. Now, to everyone that actually does make it this far and actually does read this part, I hope you all don’t just destroy me for what I did. Wolfie and Eli both did there wrongs as well. But they just aren’t man enough to admit to their wrong doings. was a fun run. Nearly a year! Nearly a many great friends, so many great experiences...gone. I hope that the site does continue on in some way. Discord, or actually on this site.’s time I leave. I’m no longer welcome here with the community I worked so hard for. I’ll talk with you all later. Hopefully.

    This was Cobalt, Colby, signing off. I’ll miss you guys and gals. Farewell.

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  • hey LTWolfie and colbalt i going to start writing a book about a war between different clans of wolves (it will be anthropomorphic) animals and i would like to user you names in my book plz let me know if you would like me to use your name or not plz responds asap
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  • These are some of the art pieces I've done over the past couple of months. Some where back before I rebranded to my current brand name.
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  • who wanna start a rap group?
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  • Awsome art of me drawn by Mikayla Bennett !!💖
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  • Oh huh, I guess this is along the lines of a furry facebook huh? I've had a presence on DeviantArt, Furaffinity, and SoFurry. Was thinking this was along the same vein, just with more emphasis on meeting folks! Will flesh out profile and upload the arts later. To anyone who for whatever reason is reading this, feel free to start up a chat! Meeting folks is literally the reason I made this account after all.
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  • as a look for furry memes i have seen lots of anti-furry memes so lets start a war against the anti-furs ( and this will not be a flame war or a meme war)
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  • Ehhhh (Here have some art)
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  • redraw (original art not mine) with an experimental filter with LtWolfie uwu
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  • here is the link for death gun part 1!

    be sure to give me feedback!
    Death Gun PT 1
    Your Name: Robert Siguaw (Kage Dreemurr) Editors: Elias Faben And Angus Evans,And thanks to all of the members for your feedback!!! RATING UP ONLY The Death Gun The year is 3020 in district 12, section 2. I was just hopping off my VR set when i got a message on my phone. It wa...
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