• Might as well slap some of my artwork on here.
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  • Happy deer boi
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  • Discord is down currently due to API errors. So our server is down aswell. Dont worry it should be back soon!
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  • Been feeling horrible the past couple days. here's the vent art that came out of that
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  • after seeing eli last post i thought i should share last night this happened my legal father came into my room to fix my bed frame cause its been coming apart after words he said that if he found it like it was again i would be sleeping on the floor with no mattress then he searched my room he found lighters knife and cigarettes he brought them down took them into the kitchen and demand to know why i had them when i did not answer he threaten to bet me up so every time he did i took step back i was prepared to run out the front door before i step out of the doorway he said you step out of this room i going to bet you up. i'm scared for my life i've been living this way for years where going to go downtown for a christmas thing should i run then
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  • todays been nice...i might hang out with a friend later then work tomorrow then friday night im going 2 a weekly card game tournament with the same friend...i think im finally well enough 2 start doing things now uwu
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  • Idk what 2 think parents say I don't act like an adult so they're not gonna treat me like an adult...idk what being an adult means anymore...theyre only looking at my mental age which is much younger...and my phycologist wasn't helpful...they just said the same stuff that mom says..."get up and out and function"..."u seem 2 have lost ur spark"...they can't see or understand what they're actually doing...ive also come 2 realize that I'm way 2 submissive...i let things happen 2 me and only talk in my head...but I'm not super good at standing up 4 myself...i think part of it is bc im not confident and if idk what's gonna happen I'll b scared...or if i do know whats gonna happen i may b scared also...i knew this would happen...i couldn't have done much about it anyway...but idk what 2 do about it anymore...if I'm not around mom or haven't been lectured or bothered by anything I'm not in a depressive state usually anymore...and at least I can check in here every so often...i miss every1 here and on discord...ill figure something out and will return asap...i have no idea when that will b tho
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  • If you lightly scratch the cartilage of ur ear it sounds like Pac Man
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  • im gonna start working again starting tuesday and i work on tuesdays and thursdays 4-8 pm est and ill need my pc so theres a chance i can access discord while at work but i may b slow 2 communicate since ill b working...but ill see if i can chat with people on discord while at work...i still dont know when im getting my things back...but im still trying 2 take every opportunity 2 at least check in here when possible
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  • I want to start doing character adopts/give aways, but I don't have PayPal or anything. I have no idea how i would decide who gets the character. Any ideas? I also don't want there to be confusion over who won the character
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