• - Trying to get back into the swing of blogging once again. This time focusing on something that groups can do and something Funky Joe even does on his channel which is the concept of the "Artist JAM" . This blog entry is dedicated to two twitch streamers that did it and some of the pictures I managed to capture and show you and the rest of the world what happens.
    Online Jamz! - S-Config
    Sometimes, to find inspiration you must taste the fruity Jamz of others! Wait.....In the old world they used to call these artist jams. where a person would draw something and others would do their thing. Although we haven't been known to play overly nice with others if someone presents an…
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  • who else hates it when you want to do something but your cat is sleeping on your lap so you can't?
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  • So sometimes when im really pissed at someone i just act like they dont exist and so i did it to a kid once and he was like freaked out and he is always telling people "dont make her angry you wont like her when she'd angry" it cracks me up im not really that mean to people i just wasnt responding to anything he was doing
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  • this drawing is a doodle of my deceased(?*) cat, named shopcat. she still means so much to me. #art #pet #cat

    ---- long desc about her below (venty/sad) ----

    when my family adopted an indoor cat, a stray cat started to come around. she was friendly, vocal, and seemed to genuinely enjoy our company. we named her shopcat, because she was often let to sleep in the shop on rainy days.

    while my indoor cat was still warming up to me, shopcat instantly became a friend to us all. when we went out for bonfires, basked in the hot air, or were swimming, she was nearby.

    she would not hesitate to sit in your lap or meow back at the sound of her name that we had given her. we lover her so much, that when we saw another cat bully her and chase her up a tree, we nearly shot it in revenge.

    shopcat made every day spent in the summer of 2018 a joy, another friend in the hot sun.

    one night, it was raining very hard. shopcat sat at our porch door, meowing to get in. knowing that she would scratch up our vehicles, i did not let her in. i pet her. little did i know my last words to her would be "i'm sorry."

    after the storm passed we never saw her again. we never found her body, either. when the coyotes' yips were heard, we had a feeling she had been eaten by them.

    nevertheless i will never forget her. though i only knew her for a summer, i never thought i would miss her as much as i do. just writing this brought me to tears.

    summer is approaching again, and its been over a year since she was left. i am hoping she will return again. i can only hope. even if she is gone, i will remember her running to greet me everyday after school and every time i went outside. i think about her waiting by her food bowl to see us, just as my dog does now when i go outside. it hurts to want her back.

    shopcat. ???-2018? i love you. i'm sorry.
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  • Possible teaser featuring a close up of Sirhan's face (or at least what I think he might look like) showing his eyes glowing with neuro-electric power. He wasn't featured in the shot from the animatic to the opening credits but he's definitely in the opening being as he's the main character.
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  • Should i open moderator applications when JustFurry hits 500 members?
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  • Depression in the online.
    There's something that keeps happening in every Discord channel that I need to say. Which is: I can't help you with your depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc. Unless someone in the chat room speaks up saying that they are trained professionally in mental health science. No one else really can either. They can offer temporary comfort. But the rain of emotion will continue. It's up to...
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