• alright so sorry guys that i have been inactive 4 a very long time, ive been busy with school and finals, also im informing that i will be returning my chromebook to my school in about 2 weeks, that means that i will be losing all connection to all websites i participate in, so you may need to find a new co-designer until i return next year
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  • Just opened up a new RedBubble store since Zazzle didn't want to co-operate. This is my first design, a parody of the 1998 Godzilla poster with a character from the Sonic comics. The release date is clearly a joke because obviously, I won't be making a movie anytime soon. 😅
    My RedBubble page can be found on my About section by visiting the new weblink.
    #art #poster #redbubble #knuckles #knuckleszilla #kaiju #echidna
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  • I have been chatting with the Lead designer, you guys can expect cool logos, backgrounds and alot more in future. ;3
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  • I redesigned her!

    NAME: Lune
    OCCUPATION: Student
    BIRTHDAY: June 12th 2003
    ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini
    GENDER: Female
    STATUS: Single

    SPECIES: Lop bunny
    HEIGHT: 1.63m/5'3"
    WEIGHT: 53kg/116,8 lb

    PERSONALITY: Silly, creative, curious, hot-tempered, insecure
    LIKES: ​Drawing, science, food, purple
    DISLIKES:​ Being ignored
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  • commission for treasonshipping on deviantart #commission #art #design
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  • Hey guys! So I figured I'd introduce myself! This is my current sona (I tend to switch around quite a bit, sadly enough, but they're usually all the same species or one of two at least), Ace! She's a plant Dranda! Drandas are a species I designed, who live on a planet called Zanzus along side another species called Droggons! If anyone else is interested at all don't be afraid to DM me! I love telling people more about them and I've even got a Discord set up for the world!

    Anyways, back to Ace, she's part of a band called Deck of Cards. The origin of the name, as I'm sure some of you may have already guessed, comes from the names of the 'founders', Ace and Jack (Jack doesn't have a ref yet but when he does I will absolutely post it!) the other two members are called King and Queen, but of course, those aren't their real names. Their real names are Luke and Lucy respectively.

    A bit about Ace can be found on her Toyhouse profile (Linked below along with the base credits for the art I used!)

    Ace's profile:
    Bases for the first and third image:
    Base for the second image:
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  • finished illustration commission and design for Sertra c:! #art #commission
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  • A character concept of mine!
    I'm pretty happy with his design! I'll be making a ref sheet for him soonish
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  • Thanks for my lovely designer Alex H. for drawing me amazing art 😊
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  • This is probably an odd thing to do on your 4th of 5th posting. Perhaps the first few posts on a social network are a lot like a microphone sound-check. You have to scream into it random things just to verify that everything is working.

    But perhaps an #introduction is in order.

    *pulls up a chair along with all of the awkward asterisks that accompany said chair leg as it screeches upon the cement floor and sits in it.*

    Hi everyone, I'm S.. And I'm a furry! Been so since the 90's. It's a hell of a ride.

    My platform is blogging. Yes, the thing that Gen-X'ers did during y2k and become internet famous for it. I actually showed up late to the party in around 2014. I was inspired to do so after mistyping console names into the internet and finding myself on the most strangest websites i've ever seen. It's a hard road but I found blogging to be the most rewarding thing I've done within an online community.

    A lot of furs here tend to promote something that is their social hub as it were. A lot of you have a twitch account to which you stream for. Others have YouTube accounts. Some of you lucky bastards are Vimeo-Famous to which I especially follow you guys as you are the art-house trendsetters who throw the middle finger to money! I suppose if i was a high powered writer who wanted to be paid for my work I should probably get an account on "Medium."

    I'm not.there either as I do hold the belief in server independence. The notion that the entire internet should not be held by a dozen or so major corporations because to be put bluntly no one deserves that level of power.

    This doesn't mean I don't see the value in a social network. If I didn't I would not be here. Social networks are designed to get the word out to everyone that "You exist." and a website is your battleship letting everyone know "I am here."

    For those interested. I did publish a lengthy article on how to get into the dark arts of blogging: is my site as well. And even though is still under construction and may not provide a exit-link gateway box warning users that they are about to leave this site. Keep in mind that you should always have a virus checker, no-script, and ad-blockers on your computers. Put that digital condom on. Because even though _I_ do not collect any personal data about you the next website you visit may not be so altruistic.
    So you want to start a blog? - S-Config
    Start a blog? In this day and age? What the hell man?!? Perhaps one of the three readers might be interested in our advice on how to start a blog. To learn from the mistakes/failures we've made so that you can be an even better blogger. Perhaps even some of…
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  • Buy a website.
    Though-out the various timelines of social networks i've hit throughout the years if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone into any level of creation is to do the following. Buy a website. I don't care who you purchase a website from. As long as you are paying money on a monly basis to a dude that gives you said space on a server to host your content. Why you ask? Why not...
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