• More colorful sketches ~
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  • Valentine's gift Sketch for Nuke
    #skull #crying #husky #gift #nuke #cry #digitalart #digital #art #drawing #chibbe #staticflatline
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  • a special gift for my love Blase hope yall like it
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  • Valentines gift. (heartbroken version)
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  • Edit: it will take place after X-mas
    Im gonna do character adopts as a Christmas gift to u guys! I already have some characters sketched out, but if u guys have any cool ideas, tell me! Idk how I'm going to decide who gets wich character, but if 2 people want the same character, you guys have to decide who gets it. Whoever does not get that character can ask me to make them one or choose a different one. These characters can only be used by the people I give them to. I'll post some of the sketches later
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  • I drew Cobalt 's fursona as a gift and hoping he gets better soon! This is probably my best piece yet! ^w^

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  • When someone comes into a chat-room and says "I'm bored" they in fact deserve nothing!

    Wow! I'm starting off this post a little cold. But I keep seeing this repeating pattern in every furry chat room throughout every platform. That eventually you'll get that one dude that says..

    "I'm bored."

    Now..... He doesn't say it once and then find something to do. Oh no! he'll make sure to remind the room every 30 minutes on exactly how bored he is. To which the best and most appropriate response is:

    "Screw you!"

    And probably ban them! A little extreme you may ask? Possibly! But you have to take his words seriously.

    Think if a person did this in the middle of a house warming party.. What they're saying is almost insulting the host of the party. That there is not adequate levels of fun for them. That there's this sense of entitlement that somehow the party must revolve around them instead of the original intention which is celebrate BEING there for someone!

    The same holds true for a chat room. Saying "You're bored" has no answer. Out of nowhere you've insulted just about everyone in the room. That you're bored and thus everyone in the chat room is so boring that it made you bored. There's no sense in anyone lifting a finger to entertain this individual because "I'm bored" just condemned the entire room.

    We live in a marvelous era of technology and information. Where you have computers the size of credit cards which are capable of handling data that servers from the 80's would fill an entire room to accomplish. You have game services with thousands of apps at your fingertips with devs literally begging ANYONE to play their game they have listed for free just to get traction. You have the digital version of the library of Alexandria at your fingertips to do any research whatever you want. Want a fursuit? There's enough video/text/information to go start to finish. You have no idea what kind of gift it is to have that not only in front of your desk but in your pocket on a phone!

    On top of all of this. You're in a fandom where every character is limited only to the imagination of the creator that made them. Multi-dimensional theory here we come ravioli boios! This is supposed to be a fandom with boundless imagination to the levels where you don't even need a computer , You in fact don't even need technology because with a pen and paper you can invent your character, your world.

    With the barrier of entry that low. There's no excuse for "I'm bored." If you feel insulted when I say these people are lazy pieces of garbage that wait for someone to do all of the heavy lifting for them then all i have to say is "Good!" Remember the difference between depression and anger is anger has focus! harness that and better yourself. pick up a hobby, do research. Become a Zen Buddist monk that gets the dream state all wrong like Alan Watts. Whatever floats your boar man! There's so much to do in this world no one would accept "I'm bored" as a state of mind.
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  • Not really active anymore on the site but here one of the draws i made during this time.
    (For some reasons the site don't want me to post multiples in on post so i'm gonna put them one by one)
    This is a gift for a friend. She is a lezard like creature and very kind. She try to help me each time i have a problem.
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  • My drawing of niceu! that i forgot to include in my gift box. Hopefully she sees it here.
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  • a gift for fureafae on youtube! #gift #art
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  • A 2 Day in the snow!
    Hello everyfur of the site! I just came back from the mountens yesterday and i want to tell you all about it! i went with the rest of the famliy while my 3rd little Cortney is back with my mom and mainly with the babys. I was with my Grandmother,Gewn,Kaden,Kamrynn,and my brother kentrell we all head to the moutens but the drive was soo long i almost fall asleep but good lord i brought my switch...
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