• She's done!!!! Here's a b4 & after. I think im going to name her Cap'n Crunch or Deborah uwu. Lemme know in the comments which name is better 💖
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  • I guess here's a funny story to shamelessly flex my gamer title.
    So I was a huge fan of Sonic Heroes as a kid; to this day it has to be my favorite Sonic Adventure era game in the Sonic franchise because I grew up with the classics more, despite being a millenial. And I can agree with my brothers that Bingo Highway was and is a pain, and I'm not really a gambler so I know jack squat about adult Bingo. Still, I'd play it night and day because I enjoyed that game a lot.
    Well, one day I placed it into my PlayStation 2 after playing some games on Sonic Mega Collection Plus because I felt like playing Sonic Heroes. Only problem was how badly scratched the game was. Well, it started up as normal (God, this sounds like a generic creepypasta rn) and booted to the PlayStation 2 logo and then took forever to load but then immediately went straight to the Red Screen of Death. To this very day, my reaction to that is... "WHAT!?" I'm pretty sure seeing the PlayStation 2 logo means it's supposed to launch the game, not the error screen. Why would Sony program that! It's like they were deliberately trying to lure children into a false sense of security so they can scare them. Maybe? idk.
    Well, since I was deathly terrified of this screen as a kid, all it took was seeing just a tiny little speck of red at the center of my screen for me to immediately plug my ears, shut my eyes, and bury my face into my bed simultaneously before the animation could even finish playing and transition to the loop and the warning text would show up. I pretty much fell asleep like that, I was that scared of it. It was late at night because I stayed up late since it was summer meaning there was no school the next day and the fact that this happened to me at night only made it more horrifying to me. Of course, blocking my ears and eyes didn't help because when I woke up in the morning I uncovered my eyes and ears to get up out of bed, completely forgetting that the screen was still there which, of course required looking up and pointing my head forwards which means I caught a glimpse of the Red Screen regardless. I immediately yelped and fell out of my bed in terror and lay petrified on the ground. My nerves were freezing cold.
    Obviously it doesn't scare me anymore, but I'm still frustrated that I can never play Sonic Heroes ever again, unless I manage to get my hands on a new copy which I don't think there's a PlayStation 4 port of it yet and the PlayStation 5 came out way too early.
    Also, fun fact: Sony actually got sued in small claims court due to the "inappropriate error screen" on the PlayStation 2, obviously referring to the Red Screen of Death which terrified hundreds of Japanese children. Apparently this wasn't their intention so they offered a settlement and a free game of their choice from their game library.
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  • Well, that takes care of that. I went to the dentist a few days ago to get the problem tooth situated and ultimately they just decided to yank it. I'm likely going to get natural implants at some point down the line, but I'll need to do another exam to make sure no more are going to die. I don't know, I might get one gold tooth or something, but that's it. That will be the only unnatural implant I will ever get in my lifetime and it would be for cosmetic purposes only. I am considering getting fangs one of these days if, God forbid something were to happen to my frontal teeth.
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  • (Link updated, click show more and click link below.) Heya furs. As you know, ill be starting project to develop JF v2 and it will take months to get it ready. However servers cost and any donations are highly appreciated!
    All donators will get free advertising in the new version of the site for life!
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  • I'm on medication for tooth pain right now. Apparently tooth decay can indeed spread to your skull and brain and I started freaking out when I found out because I was terrified that I was going to die from it, but my parents tried to assure me that it'll take a while before that happens and the pain spreads when part of the nerve dies, but I don't know. I've been this unlucky so far, no one knows that my bad luck won't end my life.
    Until my teeth get taken care of, I'm too terrified to eat anything until after tomorrow when the procedure is supposed to happen.
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  • Gooooooooooood Morning, Everyfur!

    This is your wonderful little rainbow squeaker here with an important reminder to stay healthy amist this pandemic.

    Just Furry continues to grow, so I'm very eager to see what the community will bring!

    Please, feel free to share your interests, talents, ideas, creations, and fursona!

    I have my own fursona that's recently being created, Nayrb Derg, the Dragon.


    He's 7 foot, 9 inches tall, but actually LOVES to be a BIG Gigantic Dragon.

    He's very shy, nervous, timid, but quite adventurous, cuddly, and affectionate.

    He's a teddy bear derg. Quite a bit different than your well known little tiny squeaker.


    And remember, Stay Pawsome, and stay JUST FURRY!
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  • Hello guys. So as some of you know my school is starting aug 17th day. I have decided to code JF v2 with new php version, faster loading, new animations and alot more! Tho i have calculated my routine. So my school will be around 7-9 hours + ill be swimming 1-2 hours (my hobby) and ill be also coding JF v2 using time around 2-5 hours. Ill be using some of my weekends to come say hi and chat with you. Love you all ❤
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  • Anyone good at making 3D furry models/Aviators?

    Please let me know in comments i really want to request a 3D VR model for my fursona Blaze Mari. ^w^
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  • For all you who lost any body this year that you truely love, just know they are in a much better place than this cruel world. Even though they left a pit in your mind , world, and soul, they are probaly smiling. At you. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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  • LtWolfie I’m so sorry for your lost when I lost my grandpa this year I was so upset to the point where I didn’t move out my bed. I know when it comes to pets you love them like a family member, I remember one of my Cats had kittens and one of them got sick and passed away. It’s hard to lose family,friends,and Pets. Rest In Paradise Zini
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