• I'm always down to try out a new furry social platform!
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  • Here are some ideas for the character adopts馃挄
    *Mián Yáng (cotton lamb)
    A shy, fluffy lamb with a nature theme
    *Tobais Evergreen
    A strong, handsome wolf/German shepherd mix who's a lumber jack
    *Chester the otter
    A sweet little otter who loves to sleep in the seaweed
    *AquaFina Roo
    A fun but jumpy kangaroo who loves cuddles on Sandy beaches. She carries around a stuffed kitty that she hugs when she's nervous
    The rest of the characters aren't fully developed yet
    *a skull dog with flames & stuff
    *a fox with rabies
    *a kitsune mask furry
    *a chubby rhinoceros/walrus e-girl
    *some sort of space goat
    *a black poodle

    I might keep Mián Yáng for myself x3..... I'll post the pics in a sec....
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  • well...i sneaked my pc last night...then they woke up and asked 4 it...i refused 2 tell they pushed me out of my room and locked the door...i do now have a key 2 the closet...but it seems theyre keeping my phone somewhere else...what the heck...they say they love me and that this is 4 my good...theyre lying...all theyve done is break me and hurt me...i barely wanna keep going anymore...i have nothing left...nothing but my "internet friends"...i almost wanna run away...but i dont wanna leave my stuff...i cant trust them...everything they say is only 2 defend theyre side of this...idk whats right and wrong mental age is what matters 2 them...they dont care about me and my life...they only care 2 make me into a normal adult low and lazy...but since when did that take my adult rights away...?? they say the same thing...i dont act like an adult so im not an adult...i hate this...idk what 2 do...
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  • Hey guys! I have a question! I wanna make a new oc by you guys! First what species?
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  • Heyo, sorry if I don't respond to comments. I tend to not see them. I'll try my best to get back to you, though.
    Additionally, I've been kind of inactive because I had a plan to stay off the internet every November because certain people seem to want to pick that as a month to drag me into drama just out of personal hatred...
    Also, with my art classes and wanting to see my baby half sister as much as I can, I'm mostly too busy focusing on getting my assignments done and being a big sister to be as active on those days. I'll have holidays off, though.
    I'll try to be more active here, though. I've been posting everywhere except here.
    Also, new project.
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  • Okay so. I was in my algebra class when i noticed that someone drew like a side profile of a dude's head on my desk and i got bored so i decided to add a body to it and somehow i decided to turn him into Spock from Star Trek...
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  • Oh yeah last night when i was at work i was working as a cashier at my local grocery depot and a walmart employee bought some stuff from us... if that doesnt say anything about walmart then i dunno what does XD
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  • First off, welcome beautiful people which are following me! Sorry if I didn't get back right away work was horrific!

    Second, I'm proud to announce that my blog now has a dank-web / Onion V3 address. Now for those who don't know what that part of the web means. It's usually a place to buy drugs, assassination contracts, mystery boxes filled with guns, meth, girls panties, blood, african voodoo dolls, more drugs, slave trafficking, and false credit cards. But It's also a place where people can visit sites like mine and not worry about getting tracked hard or their countries firewall blocking it in any way.


    Now since I'm not offering things which are terrible/illegal/or downright morally bankrupt I don't intend to be the top visited deep/dark/dank-web of all time! I set a goal of getting 5 readers to visit my onion addressed site and so far I have met such goals. As a tin-foil hat level blogger I tend to believe in the notion that no corporation should control the entire internet. That includes Google, Alexa, and to a point even ICANN as well. A web admin should always be thinking of ways for users to connect to their site when the rest of the normal channels goes completely **** up! An onion address is just one of those alternatives versus traditional DNS sharing.

    Anyhow, that's all server has to say. Until next time don't die.

    +++END OF LINE.
    Tor Networks for private browsing. - S-Config
    Tor networks for those seeking privacy from the ever creeping internet that seems to want to know about your privacy and browsing habits
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  • my oc ref sheet
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  • Considering makin a cuttlefish oc.... Any thoughts?
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