• So I’m a boy and I wanna b able 2 wear skirts...and I talked 2 my parents about it...both of them say I can’t do that bc society says it’s not “normal” and I would b putting on a “false look”...I find their logic 2 b really dumb...I’m just gonna have 2 wait until I move out...ugh
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    Ever wanted to make your own ebook? Or find a way to finnish your comic or maybe make a poster in a smoother manner? Please check out my tutorials coming up.

    I be working on alternative and pracitcal works with this software. Til Sunday i be making my own digital book and i be cataloging and recordin youtube videos that be simple and easy to follow and answear most practical questions for making a ebook.

    Everything is going to be simple as best as i can.

    Follow and make sure to hit the notification bell if it be usefull to your creative journey.
    Affinity suit focus will be a thing for me too in the future.

    WIP progress and feedback is appreciated.
    *Note quality is not the key when making youtube videos, its about making content and getting it out there. And when you got resources and help to up the quality without loss of time and making then that be a different matter

    Have a great time everyone
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  • So I made an account on YouTube called Nilla The Kaiju Knuckles Wife and Girlfriend to play around and mess with people. This was the first video I posted because I don't yet have an introduction video.
    As you can probably already tell, it's mostly going to be a fun little parody of popular Sans fangirl channels. The ship is real though.
    Nilla is supposed to only be with some kind of AU version of Knuckles because I think Boom Knuckles canonically has a thing for Sticks the Badger so this will probably be the only video featuring him, I think.
    I'm also working on a music channel because I wanted to do original and cover songs with a character of mine. I think it's called FURloid? I don't know, but it's related to UTAU and Vocaloid in some way.
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  • Here's a link to artists credit and all that, I'm not writing 80+ artist's usernames on here some of these are made on bases #furry #furryanthro #anthrofurry #anthro #LinkTheLynxCat #linkthelynxocs
    Album 1
    Album 2
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  • been goofing around with a new brush style recently. also, i redesigned my oc, luau, in this one as well. #art #oc
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  • some pixel art of my oc osiris i made. its nice to make some art for myself every once in a while. #art #oc #pixel
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  • Hi! I'm Fang, and this is my first post! I've been a furry for a long while, and I'd like to introduce myself. My fursona is a red silver fox, his name is Fang. I'm an artist and do digital stuff, as well as RP, writing occasionally and being bored most of the time. I've provided some recent art examples for you to look at. ^w^ My PMs are always open but I'm super shy, so be patient with me!
    (In the drawing with two characters, my friend's fursona is also included on the left. uwu)
    #art #furryart #firstpost
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  • So I forgot that I didn't share my recent art here when I posted it everywhere else. I created this new character about a month ago, named Nilla The Kaiju. I thought of the idea of her from an old dragon character I had when I was about 10 years old and then never used ever again, she's basically a remake of that character and also created to replace Sinbad the echidna who is no longer a Sonic OC, but pretty much his own IP now.
    Why I call her Nilla? She's named after the wafer cookie, or at least the company that produces them which is called Nilla and it also happens to be a real name that people, normally women have. On top of that, her name also rhymes with "Zilla", a typical prefix placed at the end of Kaiju names i.e. 'Godzilla'. The crescent moon marking on her chest, as you can see I obviously came up with from Knuckles' design for pretty much the same reason as how he was created by the artist who came up with him. Also because her species have been around longer than his (she's an irradiated dinosaur.) How her kind survived the KT Extinction event I haven't yet written to her bio.
    I also decided to post a size comparison between Nilla and Knuckles just to show how little she is. 馃槈 (Horns don't count)
    She also has her own page on the Sonic Fan Character wiki for more information.
    #sonic #sonicoc #dinosaur #kaiju #monster #furryart
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  • help eli grow with this
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  • A fellow streamer i knew wanted something that was open source to StreamDeck by elgato. and within about 24 hours of making it. (1 week to document it) here is the end-result. Granted! Not as pretty as an Arduino StreamDeck. But $12 vs. $150-200? yeah. I'm okay with that.. Maybe i'll spend a few extra bucks for a case and give it some aesthetic then wireball hell.:D
    ArdunioDECK – a DIY OBS streaming solution on the cheap. - S-Config
    We could say that we've developed a new open source product called an "ArduinoDECK" which is a cheaper solution to the Elgato StreamDeck. Or! Better idea!
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  • A 2 Day in the snow!
    Hello everyfur of the site! I just came back from the mountens yesterday and i want to tell you all about it! i went with the rest of the famliy while my 3rd little Cortney is back with my mom and mainly with the babys. I was with my Grandmother,Gewn,Kaden,Kamrynn,and my brother kentrell we all head to the moutens but the drive was soo long i almost fall asleep but good lord i brought my switch...
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  • Buy a website.
    Though-out the various timelines of social networks i've hit throughout the years if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone into any level of creation is to do the following. Buy a website. I don't care who you purchase a website from. As long as you are paying money on a monly basis to a dude that gives you said space on a server to host your content. Why you ask? Why not...
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  • Crushing Candies.
    I sit in an airport playing candy crush. These people are geniouses in the most horrific way. Like a sparkling jem that absorbs your soul. Or a toad that if you turn up the heat slow enough. It won't jump. It'll sit there happily and die in a boiling pan. From my time playing candy crush. I can tell you that the way they weave IAP is all about addiction. How it works is something i'm not sure...
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  • Depression in the online.
    There's something that keeps happening in every Discord channel that I need to say. Which is: I can't help you with your depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc. Unless someone in the chat room speaks up saying that they are trained professionally in mental health science. No one else really can either. They can offer temporary comfort. But the rain of emotion will continue. It's up to...
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  • GuanFeng Introduce IQF Freezing for You
    Individual Quick Freezing usually abbreviated IQF Freezing Machine is a freezing method used in food processing industry. Products commonly frozen with IQF Freezing technologies are typically smaller pieces of food products and can range from all types of berries, fruits and vegetables diced or sliced, seafood such as shrimps and small fish, meat, poultry and even pasta, cheese and grains....
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  • Reasons of Pet-food-Container Is Essential
    For most folks, getting a Pet Food Container is not necessary since there are other storage solutions that can do the job of storing their pet's diet. However, there are many reasons why you may want to use a purposely-designed and built a pet food container. Here are a few of the more compelling reasons for getting one for your pet Prevents moisture and spoilage Not only is pet food at the...
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