• Ok so i wanted to tell you all this update a few days ago but i couldn't because of school but anyway i'm just posting this to tell you how I've been doing recently yes i'm doing fine thank u the recording studio though still in process. ;w; But don't worry i'm still getting to that also i'm also getting sick of spoiling the surprises and features for the recording studio on justfurry. So i will not be telling you of what items will be on here except for the laptop and all in one desktop. There also have been things i want to add but i never really got the chance to make that feature to the recording studio so i'm going to need more time on it when i'm done i'll be doing a live stream of myself setting up the recording studio i might take a while to get it done so please wait for the recording studio to be done. but for now i better get back to work thanks for reading this and as always. . .Stay furry.
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  • Workin' on a Tauoni oc!
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  • Need help making an oc? Look below!
    protogens , Ukkats , Croco, Arcna, Walkers, Ampwaves, Raggdog, Tauoni, Corrosion Hounds, Manokit! WARNING I LOOKED UP OPEN SPECIES AND PICKED THE ONES THAT SAID OPEN SPECIES!!
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  • When you're alone at home and go to the bathroom, do you lock the bathroom door anyway?
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  • I'm not really a twitch streamer. But I do sometimes like smashing that stream button on OBS at irregular intervals. Some people were sad that they missed me streaming. Because I have no YouTube because of my general hatred of it. Also, because YouTube and Twitch will filter/copyright claim me playing games like GTA5 where the moment the radio kicks in the censors go nuts.

    How about I also smash that record button in OBS and give you guys the last stream on my web-site instead? It would be totally ad-free and tracking free. And for the most part censorship free. What do you guys think?

    P.S. I will be prepared for whatever the result will be. Go Democracy.
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  • My New OC StarSwirl The Coyote and my oc sisters moonlight and roselight as chibis
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  • Nilla doesn't seem to like fireworks all that much... or loud noises at all for that matter.
    Stock image credit:
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  • Hello there!

    I'm Oracle-Sphinx and I'm pleased to welcome you on my page. I'm digital artist but occasionally I draw traditionally, I like fantasy and mythology, especially I like sphinxes and I'm always trying to find more information about them in different cultures.

    I hope you'll find my art pleasing and interesting, feel free to comment what you like! I'm also open for commission and always grateful for donations. You can find me on these sites:


    Have a nice day! (=
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  • poor quality from google, site its from is blocked at school, credit to artist who made the refrence sheet (sorry i sound crazy, ive tried to post this five times, this site wont work for me)
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  • Hey guys! My school blocked hangouts and I need help finding chats to use to chat to my fursuit maker! Commet idea down below and I will reply!
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  • A 2 Day in the snow!
    Hello everyfur of the site! I just came back from the mountens yesterday and i want to tell you all about it! i went with the rest of the famliy while my 3rd little Cortney is back with my mom and mainly with the babys. I was with my Grandmother,Gewn,Kaden,Kamrynn,and my brother kentrell we all head to the moutens but the drive was soo long i almost fall asleep but good lord i brought my switch...
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  • Buy a website.
    Though-out the various timelines of social networks i've hit throughout the years if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone into any level of creation is to do the following. Buy a website. I don't care who you purchase a website from. As long as you are paying money on a monly basis to a dude that gives you said space on a server to host your content. Why you ask? Why not...
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  • Crushing Candies.
    I sit in an airport playing candy crush. These people are geniouses in the most horrific way. Like a sparkling jem that absorbs your soul. Or a toad that if you turn up the heat slow enough. It won't jump. It'll sit there happily and die in a boiling pan. From my time playing candy crush. I can tell you that the way they weave IAP is all about addiction. How it works is something i'm not sure...
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  • Depression in the online.
    There's something that keeps happening in every Discord channel that I need to say. Which is: I can't help you with your depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc. Unless someone in the chat room speaks up saying that they are trained professionally in mental health science. No one else really can either. They can offer temporary comfort. But the rain of emotion will continue. It's up to...
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  • Psi-Ops Marketing 101
    Hello everyone on JustFurry. Today we're going to come at you with a very special article. It's kind of a self-help related article because we have a lot of furs here which stream, publish, or draw and the question always comes up.  "How do I promote myself?" You see, THIS is something they should be teaching in high schools in America. Capitalist Psi-Ops 101. But since they don't teach...
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  • The enemy of Facebook is all.
    Alright, something a little more serious. Attached is an e-mail that describes how Facebook acknowledges the possible threat to their network not by another major social platform but by thousands of platforms integrating with one another. This is otherwise known as "De-Centralization" or "Federated Networking" Or! I could put it in a better way and say that these platforms are small business...
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