• I have officially changed my fursona's name from Zeduall Shelcird to Kaimo Schpetzel!!
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  • Alrighty then, I think i have a new name for my fursona: Kaimo Schpetzel. You guys like it?
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  • what house pet is your favorite, mine are cats
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  • this drawing is a doodle of my deceased(?*) cat, named shopcat. she still means so much to me. #art #pet #cat

    ---- long desc about her below (venty/sad) ----

    when my family adopted an indoor cat, a stray cat started to come around. she was friendly, vocal, and seemed to genuinely enjoy our company. we named her shopcat, because she was often let to sleep in the shop on rainy days.

    while my indoor cat was still warming up to me, shopcat instantly became a friend to us all. when we went out for bonfires, basked in the hot air, or were swimming, she was nearby.

    she would not hesitate to sit in your lap or meow back at the sound of her name that we had given her. we lover her so much, that when we saw another cat bully her and chase her up a tree, we nearly shot it in revenge.

    shopcat made every day spent in the summer of 2018 a joy, another friend in the hot sun.

    one night, it was raining very hard. shopcat sat at our porch door, meowing to get in. knowing that she would scratch up our vehicles, i did not let her in. i pet her. little did i know my last words to her would be "i'm sorry."

    after the storm passed we never saw her again. we never found her body, either. when the coyotes' yips were heard, we had a feeling she had been eaten by them.

    nevertheless i will never forget her. though i only knew her for a summer, i never thought i would miss her as much as i do. just writing this brought me to tears.

    summer is approaching again, and its been over a year since she was left. i am hoping she will return again. i can only hope. even if she is gone, i will remember her running to greet me everyday after school and every time i went outside. i think about her waiting by her food bowl to see us, just as my dog does now when i go outside. it hurts to want her back.

    shopcat. ???-2018? i love you. i'm sorry.
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  • who owns a strange pet? (tarantula, other spiders, snakes...) i would love to know... :p
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  • whelp i have a science test in 2 days and a history quiz tomorrow and a history test on thursday and s spelling quiz on thursday...this week might not 2 super good 4 gonna attempt 2 try 2 put in at least some effort...any help keeping me motivated (ie snuggles, pets, scratches) would b greatly appreciated!!! <3 <3 <3

    ps this music is really calming and awesome with the bass turned up! this is not my music but i just thought id share! ehehe
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  • How did i join the fandom?

    Punk rock would be the best way to put it. The era that i joined the fandom was hyper conservative and technologically underdeveloped. While there was fandoms floating about such as sci-fi, trekkies, whovians, the whole concept of furry only a handful of people participated in the ideological concept of what we see today. Most of the time it was shelved off as people who wanted to work for Disney, Hanna Barbara, or Warner Brothers which in their own rights have influenced American culture in ways they couldn't even comprehend.

    Punk rock of the 80's had this saying "Kill your idols!" People took this in the literal anarchistic sense that people are promoting to kill each other. I just let people think that. When in reality the philosophy is to help you help yourself. That you shouldn't just follow behind an entity because then you are a slave to that entity. When you say that you want to live in a Zootopian world and that's the embodiment of the fandom. I say "**** you" to that because i'm not a puppet underneath the now dead Walt Disney. And neither are you! You're better then that.

    To an ends a lot of why i joined the fandom was to leave the mainstream behind and embrace the new, the different. To find people with different ideologies. Even if some of those people had a ludicrous outlook upon how the world and an animal society works that's great too! I was tired of being spoon-fed stories of love triangles that never have resolution because of some animation team milking a story for every drop (I'm thinking of 90's disney afternoon cartoons on this one.) Watching MAC Product model strut around with perfect skin and teeth. I vomit upon that level of perfection. I want flaws.. This fandom delivered on that concept in spades. That a cartoon animal can smoke, love, do drugs, have children,die, ****, swear, and commit horrible and beautiful acts because if an animal wants to retain humanity they must also bear the responsibility of it as well.
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  • Yaaay! I won a trivia competition, and got 1st place!
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  • So in french class in school on Thursday, we had to pick a random french sentence and write it down, so I chose a sentence about dogs and wrote it down, then I handed it to someone. They gave me a sheet with a sentence that roughly translated to "draw a cute animal" so I did. We all stayed anonymous, so no one knew who drew what and when the teacher took all of the papers and put them up on the smart-board projector and mine was one of the first and everybody was freaking out because I attempted to draw Pineapple and did a some-what descent job and I though no one was going to know that It was furry related, but i was wrong and people started to freak out, some people that I though didn't even know what a furry was, was talking about the drawing and people were just freaking out. It was a fun class that day.

    Now that I think about it, I didn't even introduce myself.

    Name: Colby (you can just call me Cobalt though if you want to)
    Age: Not saying the exact age but in between 14 - 17 years old
    Hobbies: Collecting of different objects, painting, drawing, gaming.
    Favorite Color: Lime Green and Cobalt Blue
    Likes: Cats, Cats, and more Cats, snow, freezing cold weather, racing games
    Dislikes: Negativity, warm weather
    Extra Info: I'm available at almost anytime, and will respond to messages and other things as fast as I can, I also take everything as a competition, so that can sometimes interfere with my normal behavior. I also live in a area where almost everybody is stereotyped to something "normal or Manly" so being different is not that well approved, so most of the things that I like or love to do as a past time, is looked down upon. I do tend to get mad over nothing to, and then go into a mode where I want nothing to do with anybody and then I stay to myself for several days.

    Sorry for typing up a paragraph and a half
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