• Seriously? People still think furry characters are not animals? Of course, I'm not saying that means people who draw them abuse animals (in fact, nobody said that in the original conversation I think?), but honestly. If you think a character that resembles a realistic wolf or cat but stands on two legs isn't an animal then you have no idea what an animal is. Not only to mention that furry characters are organic beings that move around on their own free will, literally the definition of an animal, the word "animal" meaning "animated". As for aliens, pretty sure most furry OCs are Earthlings. Here's a definition from Urban Dictionary that should make it more clear.
    The less-formal term for anthropomorphic animals, which are usually cartoon characters.
    Anthropomorphic ANIMALS.
    Lastly, I'm pretty sure it's up to us to decide whether or not our fursonas or OCs are animals, not anyone else besides the artist. As a furry myself, my OCs and my fursonas are all animals because I said so. That's that. None of them are aliens. Actually, you would be the alien.
    (Also, do people forget the biological and scientific fact that humans are animals too, meaning that furry characters would basically be twice the animal that people think they aren't?)
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  • Commission=complete!
    Oof sorry wolfie, I tried
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  • wolf version uwu
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  • hazbin hotel wolfs Crymini and loona
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  • I drew a lil e-boy wolf
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  • yay i just saw on the discord that Ltwolfie got his keys to his new house congrats Ltwolfie!
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  • Guys we need to help Autmn get out of her depression she's been like this ever since this ass from a chat, he said some things that scared her. i was there when it happened. Ltwolfie plz ban furry thang he is the one who said that autmn "was so depressed that she talks on a chat with her friend fireball789" then she said to me that depression is a real thing and that he should not joke about it, since then she's been talking about suicide and she even made a youtube video about it and taking it there it seemed pretty extreme, plz help her she needs it its making me worried i don't want to lose my friend.
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  • Alright furs listen up the Voice acting auditions for Repeat Visual novel is now open! people who want to be in the auditions can type in the # and Character of who your acting! the Characters who will be voice acting will be
    Owen: Taken by Funky Joe
    Sissel: Taken by Simon
    Jinny: taken by princess moonlightwolfpup
    Phillp: Taken by Dull kitsune
    Euca (protagonist): Taken by me
    So if you want to participate in voice acting then type in the comments #Character and you might be Picked to act as that character!
    (Repeat title screen made by Shiro koi)
    (if you have not been picked to voice act the main characters don't worry more characters will be add as the story goes along. And another thing i won't give out the script of the story at least until the recording studio is done.)
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  • Also the results of the main furs being in the colorful star shooters will now show! the main team members are. . .

    Eli Dreemur
    Theofilus The Folf
    Zethera Mueller
    TuRBo-charged-ARTS !!
    Brian The Husky
    Mewt dragon
    and that's the main members for now more members will be added for those that made the list Congregations!
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  • #hello im Thunderwolf from Finland support my youtube channel Susitube with 940 subscribers
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