• Gather 'round little ones, 'tis time to learn the origin story of one of our mightiest gods..... Lemon Boi

    Some years ago, a majestic two-legged lemon named Robert wandered through the forests looking for a mate... And after a long quest of looking for his true love, he found a beautiful chicken wolf girl named Deborah. They fell in love & got married. After one day of being married, Deborah set up a tinder account. After sleeping with some random wolf guy who's name was Edwardo, she realized she was prego with Robert's baby. The genes & DNA mixed, and the baby actually had 2 daddies. When the baby was born, Robert quickly realized it was not entirely his kid, because neither of them had a wolf's snout. So he divorced Deborah because she was a dirty cheat. (Robert has custody). He named the adorable, fluffy lil sweet heart 'Kyro Lemon'. Kyro never really met his other parents, coz his dad convinced him that baby lemons grow outta the foreheads of their dads. His dad also told him that he was part chicken & wolf because an alien ran genetic testing on him. Kyro still does not know the truth to this very day. I'll post a pic of his dad some time tomorrow!
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  • listen here this is the story of how my name came to be a long time ago i was trying to decided on a name for my fursona then i remembered a charter from a book that i loved the book was called legends of beyond the book was a continuous of the book series called legends of ga'hoole there was a motion picture about the series in the legends of beyond books was a wolf in the book called falon his name means river wolf because he was born deformed at birth so he was abandoned in a river to die and a mom bear who lost her cubs found him and raised him i added the (sfur) to make it sound fancy like the name of a night
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  • Listen up, little ones. For I shall tell ye the story of how I earned my title....
    It was about 2 and a half years ago, and I had been in the fandom for around 4-5 months. I was new to drawing, and only had one character named Vic. She was a very cringy character,, as you would expect from a young fur, and I wasn't very attached to her any more. So, I began the quest to find my new fursona. As I was doodling one day, I had drawn a blue & grey wolf whom I called "Kyro Blue". I immediately felt attached to him, but realized thst there was very many blue & grey wolves in the fandom. So i decided to spice him up! Well... Sour him up more so. My favorite fruit was lemons, and I thought blue & yellow looked good together, so I added yellow to him & changed his name to Kyro Lemon. He has since obtained the nickname Lemon Boi from my friends. He has now been my fursona for almost 3 years. I'll post his hilarious back story some other time, so look out for that too! uwu
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  • my oc moonlightwolfpup
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  • Some unused facial graphics for a game of mine, called Thunder - Legend Beginning. I might just rename the game to Thunder The Spectacled Wolf or something like that, but tweak it to avoid spoilers for the animated series since this is a prologue game after all. I intended to create a Zombie Apocalypse update were the characters get infected with an advanced form of rabies virus and try to look for a cure and it was set to be released on either Halloween or the Day of the Dead. However, with the files being corrupted and time constraints happening, I decided to postpone the update. Plus, RPG Maker VX Ace won't open anymore so now I'm stuck working with RPG Maker MV. It's not a bad program or anything, it's really the opposite. Turns out the 3 second music delay was just a problem on my end, the game runs fine for everyone else.
    The characters in order from left to right are Thunder, Ryan, Lightning, and Rain. Thunder is the spectacled wolf that the series makes mention of, Ryan is a Kokunai fox hybrid, and Lightning and Rain are both wolfdogs; although Rain has more jinmenken traits. I like jinmenkens like Owlygem likes nagas so I tend to draw them a lot. He looks kind of creepy here because his facial graphic is somewhat poorly drawn due to the image size and for that I apologize. He also looks a little too young...
    #gamedevelopment #rpg #wolf #fox #wolfdog #foxdog #husky #mamalute #jinmenken
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    If anyone was hurt by this speciesists' stamp or any of the idiotic commentors who agreed or came up with other "overused" names, all I have to say is just make a wolf or dog character named Blitz or Nero regardless. These people really can't tell you what to do (not even a please here, as you can see. That's so demanding.)
    I mean, it's not fair that you can only call a human Nero or Blitz but not a dog or a wolf just because of their species. Sorry but, you don't hold a monopoly on names.
    To be honest, I was just going to make a wolf character named Blitz anyway as a way of flipping the finger to these guys. Even if it's just a background character, I'm basically doing this as a way of showing that no one is my boss BUT ME. The same applies to you. No one is your boss but you.
    Make a wolf character named Blitz.
    Make a dragon character named Pyro.
    Make a character with battle scars.
    Make a dog named Nero.
    Make whatever you want.
    No one has the right to police you or decide how you get to express yourself. There's no such thing as "overused names". The whole point of names is for ANYONE to use them, making this whole "stop calling your wolf OCs "Blits" argument stupid.
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  • i made instagram account, check it out
    LtWolfie (@ltwolfie.jf) • Instagram photos and videos
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  • Ill be streaming okami today, with some friends too, come and watch
    Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming
    Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.
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    The Wolf's Pawn|Paperback
    Warning!The government of Vharkylia is not responsible for the possible death, dismemberment,or personal injury of any non-wolf within its borders.For millennia, Vharkylia's wolf-like residents have endured the fear and superstition of the surrounding human lands....
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  • i really need help on my youtube channel , if anyone can tell everyone you know to subscribe to Moonlightwolfpup14, my greatest goal for me is 50
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